Monday, August 22, 2011

The Winner!

After much deliberation, Matt has chosen the winner for the caption contest.  This was no easy task, because there really were some pretty funny ones.

But first, some honorable mentions!

"My nurse tomorrow is who?"  (This was a very close second!)

"Me, oh my!  Life is a LEACH!"

"What's that? A DIET? I just started tasting the good stuff!"

The favorite quote of all (and there were many!) was....

"Oh great! Now Dad is going down the steps in the box!"

This made us laugh pretty hard!  Great job, Carrie Raines!  Send me a message and let me know whether you would like the ceramic "I'm not a paper cup" cup or the tea mug. 

Thanks so much to all of you who played!  I loved reading all of your captions, and Matt took his job very seriously.  He had no idea who any of the writers were until he chose the winner!  (Well, except for Betsie C., since she put her name in her quote...)  :)  Congrats again, Carrie!

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