Thursday, August 18, 2011


So, our pediatrician's scale is a bit off and Abby actually weighs 20 pounds, six ounces.  That puts her into the 97th percentile for weight...but still 15th for height! 

Our GI doctor grilled Matt on how much formula we've been giving her and was trying to say that we were measuring the wrong amount.  When she looked back at the recipe we'd been given that would give Abby the prescribed amount of fortified milk, she realized that the nutritionist had written it for wayyyy too much....but the doctor signed it!  We'd been following the recipe, but Abby had definitely been getting too many calories for the last two months.

Sooooooo, we're back tracking a bit and cutting back on the calories so that we can give Abby a chance to catch up to her big self! 

The great thing is that now, pretty much all of her daytime feeds will be during nap times so that she will be free to move around when she's awake!  Now she really will be sans tubes all day!!  Abby's nighttime feeds have also increased to make up for what she won't get during the day, so we're hoping she will be able to tolerate that.  Historically, she has a few days of reflux whenever there's a feeding change, but she has been able to get it under control pretty quickly.

The other positive outcome of the feeding changes is that now we will have longer stretches where she won't be getting tube-fed, so Abby will hopefully be more willing to eat solid foods and drink milk by mouth.  This has really been an issue recently, and we think it's because she's just not hungry.  She has only been going without food for two hours at a time (feedings are every 3 hours and stretch over an hour), so her belly is never really empty!

We're hoping that these changes be good for her schedule and development.  I'm all about Abby growing, but it's time to grow longer, not wider girl!!  :)

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