Monday, August 31, 2009


I am a part of the MOPS group that is starting up at our church.  Although it's hard to get a new program started and I am running low on time these days, I am really excited about the idea of having a group of friends who are all in the same stage of life as me!  In planning for MOPS, I've gotten to know some of these ladies a lot better and I'm really enjoying it!  (Plus, I get to hang out with Jenn, which is always a good thing!) :)  I have really needed and wanted to develop some friendships with other moms, so this is definitely a good thing for me.  YAY!  :)

Quack, Quack!

On the Monday before I headed back to school, we took Caleb to Baltimore.  Matt had been itching to ride the ducks We knew Caleb would love to ride the ducks, which are special vehicles used in WWII that can both ride on land and float in water. 
Did you know that Eisenhower said they were the reason the USA won the war?  We wouldn't have won the Battle of Normandy if it hadn't been for these little ditties.  There's your history lesson for the day.
Anyway, we got our tickets as soon as we got there and killed some time until it was our departure time.  Matt Caleb was incredibly excited!  Matt and Caleb sat in the seat behind me because we couldn't all fit on the same bench.  Despite the heat and lack of air conditioning, it was a ton of fun.  Our driver, Captain Privateer, was really silly and actually encouraged us to "quack" along to the songs he played!  We learned quite a bit of Baltimore history in addition to lots of boats.
When we first went into the water, Caleb was a little nervous.  I don't think he was quite sure that it would actually float!  He relaxed though and seemed to enjoy himself. 
It was a fun little trip.  I might blog about a few other exciting tidbits of the day, but not tonight.  It's bed time...working full-time is exhausting!! amazingly exhilarating!  (Can you tell I'm thoroughly enjoying my new editing software for Blogger?????)  :)

Not Me! Monday!

*  I didn't have a conversation with my honors reading class about Mussellini and Hitler on the second day of school.  I wasn't absolutely THRILLED that these kids have an interest in WWII that I could encourage and cultivate this year!  I do not LOOOOVE this fabulous class!!!  :)

*  I didn't tell my science class that it takes one day for the earth to orbit the sun.  I certainly know basic astronomy and don't need to be corrected by a nine-year-old who innocently pointed out my mistake.  There definitely wasn't a special ed teacher in the room at the time either!

*  Babies R Us was having a "Cash for Clunkers" trade-in event.  You could bring it old car seats, strollers, etc. and get 20% off a new one.  Of course, I did not jump at this offer even though I am not yet pregnant simply because I can't turn down a good deal!!  I did not take two of Amy's outdated car seats, go at the first chance I had to BRU, and buy a new car seat base and Sit-n-Stand.

*  I did not actually get $20 off of my Sit-n-Stand in addition to the 20% off because I'm just that good!  :)

*  When it came time to trade in the old car seats, Caleb most certainly did not have a complete melt-down at the thought of giving the manager these old seats that he hadn't sat in in a year and 1/2!  He didn't proceed to scream through the store, "I want my car seats back!!!!!!!!" and then yell at the manager to "GIVE THEM BACK!!" when he saw the poor man.  Naturally, Matt and I didn't just laugh at him.  Uh-uh, not us!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Midnight Revelations

Here I am, totally not sleeping, so I decide to go downstairs and do some work on my computer.  The internet at school is down, so I had a few things I needed to catch up on.  I was setting up a new blog to use in my classroom when I discovered that my Blogger account was using the old editing method.  Who knew that there was a NEW method that could do cool stuff like this????   Or what about this?  I can also insert pictures and actually see what I am inserting into my blog (before it was just a ton of html jumble) and move them around as needed.  It also inserts the pictures where I want them instead of defaulting to the top.  This means no more pictures inserted out of order when I write captions!!! 

OH this is so exciting!  (All of you professional bloggers, stop laughing!) 

Alright I guess it's time to go to sleep  time to work on something else for school!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

One Down, 179 to Go!

Today was the first day of school. Stressful? Oh yeah! I see 67 kids each day, which means a lot of names, a lot of explaining of rules, and a lot of chaos! There were a few tears when kids didn't know where to go, and a lot of overwhelmed faces. Poor kids! I keep promising it will get better...they just have to believe me!

Tomorrow should be better as we embark in some sort of a routine. While the first week won't truly be "normal," they will definitely start to get used to it.

While I'm relearning how to juggle a full-time job and a full-time family, here are a few pictures from recent excursions. Call it a teaser to tide you over until I have time to blog about them!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Not Me, Monday! (on Friday!)

* I definitely did not sneak Caleb into my school twice because we weren't allowed to have our children there (even though it was after the work day!) I certainly didn't tell my son to tiptoe down the hallway and be silent until we got to my room! What's more, I didn't actually get to stay in my room for 3 1/2 hours because he was such a GOLDEN child and let Mommy get a ton of work done!!!

* I did not have a lengthy conversation with Owen and Sara about how their parents do love them and that going out together for a night doesn't mean that they love their children less. Owen didn't continue to argue with me that his parents don't love him because they dared to go out one night without them.

* I didn't get ridiculously excited that there are pictures for each of my kids on Gradebook now so that I can put a face with the name before Tuesday. It's really not that thrilling, so I definitely didn't call to all of my coworkers about my find!

* I didn't forget to add eggs to the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies I made for Bruce's birthday. I definitely didn't take them out of the oven, put all of the dough back in the bowl, add the eggs, and redistribute the batter on the cookie sheets. That would obviously be a bad idea! I didn't give them to Bruce anyway and hope that they were good...while convincing myself that the one I ate was just fine.

* Our power didn't go out in all three bedrooms for no apparent reason the night before I went back to school. This didn't stress me out at all, and I loved the idea of keeping Caleb's door open because he is scared of the dark. What's more, I completely enjoying the bonding time we spent together at 4:30 a.m. when he climbed into our bed stating, "I am awake!" Naturally, I got right up, cooked him a huge breakfast of bacon and eggs, and had him help me bake cookies. Or something like that.

Friday, August 14, 2009

A Dream Fulfilled

Matt has always wanted to throw the first pitch out at a baseball game. It's just something that he has always dreamed about doing. He is a baseball lover, and just seriously enjoys every minute of a game.

I, on the other hand, do not enjoy baseball at all. So I find it a bit ironic that I absolutely LOVED every second of the game on August 13th! Ready for the play-by-play?

We all met at the church at 4:30 and were ready to go by 5 p.m. There were 24 people going total, but some were meeting there. Jenn drove the church van. We rode with my parents, Aunt Sue, and Uncle Larry. When my dad started the was dead. He was afraid that the starter had gone bad, which they had just replaced in the Yukon. Oh no Thankfully, Stephen saw us and pulled his van around to jump it (I had jumper cables in my SUV like a good little boy scout should!) and it started right up.

Off we went to the game, where we played a few silly games in the parking lot at the Hershey Park stand. They let us in at 6:00, and we were pretty much the only people there. We were BY FAR the biggest group! The guy came around to recruit people to play the games, and he asked Matt to play a putting game. Then, he also asked three of the teenaged girls with us to do an inflatable pony race! I guess it pays to be early!

At about 6:30, Matt went down on the field. He found out that not only was he the first one to throw out the pitch, but that Mike Devereaux was also going to be throwing out a first pitch!!!! (Not exciting for you? Yeah, it wasn't for me either. Apparently, he is Matt's second favorite Oriole of all time--after Cal Ripken, of course.) Matt got him to sign his ball after the pitch, but Louie defiled it with his signature.

I had made some signs for Matt (my family thought it was dumb, but the kids loved it! I knew they would!!) so they all held them up and cheered the entire time he was on the field. Caleb's was the biggest one so the poor kid couldn't even hold it very well...I guess I should have cut the board in half like I did with all of he other ones!

Matt threw his pitch AND made it over home plate!! Darlene (our friend from church who is the head of Game Day Operations and who helped me set this whole thing up) allowed me to come down on the field to take pictures, so I was right there in the action. It was so great! Of course, I had to get a few shots of Matt with the Oriole bird (it was Orioles night) and Louie.

At around the third inning, Darlene came down to ask if Matt would like to announce a batter over the loudspeaker. Would he ever!?!? He asked her if he could bring Owen, who was about jumping out of his pants with excitement! We listened carefully for Matt's voice and cheered when we heard him, but were shocked to hear Owen's voice next on the loudspeaker announcing, "Now batting, Jonathan Tucker!" You should have seen his grin when he came back down to his seat! We cheered really loud for Tucker the rest of the game, since he was "Owen's" player.

Matt played the putting game in the middle of the fifth inning. First he had to answer two Orioles trivia questions: What was Cal Ripken Jr.'s number? Where did the Orioles play before Camden Yards? Of course, he knew the answers to both without hesitation. After all, he grew up falling asleep to Orioles games on the radio! By answering the two questions correctly, he got to move up to a line that was just 4 inches away from the hole. AND he made it!!! He won his entire section free Wendy's Frosties, too!! We spread the word right before he played, so the entire section was cheering him on. Of course, the highlight for Matt was the "cool new Wendy's tshirt" he got!

The kids got a little antsy after the excitement died down, so Amy and I took them on the moon bounce. A nice woman had given us three amusement ride tickets that she didn't need (you get them free with season passes), so we figured why not? It was the perfect way for them to get a little energy out during the more "boring" part of the game.

While we were away at the moon bounce, a fly ball popped up right where we were sitting. Thankfully, Eric put his hand out to try to catch it so that when it hit poor Emma Pearson, it meerly tapped her. After that, Steven decided it was safer for her to be behind home plate where the net was!

At the sixth inning and the seventh inning stretch, the Baysox workers go out on the field to sing and dance. There's our Darlene getting down! You can tell she really loves her job!

During the seventh inning, Stephanie, Amy, and Hannah went out to ride the inflatable ponies. Even though they claimed their social life was officially over, I think they really did have a good time! Stephanie won, but the girls put up a good fight! Stephanie got a cool Baysox backpack for her victory.

Just when we thought the excitement was was one of the last pitches of the game when a batter hit a fly ball into the crowd HARD and FAST. It hit a woman in the head just one second over from us (same row) and bounced away several times. It's never good when you hear the CRACK against the person's head. The paramedics were called in and it appeared that they were going to take her away in the ambulance.

Although that put a bit of a damper on the end of the game, and although the Baysox lost BADLY, it was by far the best game I've ever been to. I am not a baseball fan, but the huge smile on my guy's face at the end of the night made it all worth it! :)