Monday, August 31, 2009

Not Me! Monday!

*  I didn't have a conversation with my honors reading class about Mussellini and Hitler on the second day of school.  I wasn't absolutely THRILLED that these kids have an interest in WWII that I could encourage and cultivate this year!  I do not LOOOOVE this fabulous class!!!  :)

*  I didn't tell my science class that it takes one day for the earth to orbit the sun.  I certainly know basic astronomy and don't need to be corrected by a nine-year-old who innocently pointed out my mistake.  There definitely wasn't a special ed teacher in the room at the time either!

*  Babies R Us was having a "Cash for Clunkers" trade-in event.  You could bring it old car seats, strollers, etc. and get 20% off a new one.  Of course, I did not jump at this offer even though I am not yet pregnant simply because I can't turn down a good deal!!  I did not take two of Amy's outdated car seats, go at the first chance I had to BRU, and buy a new car seat base and Sit-n-Stand.

*  I did not actually get $20 off of my Sit-n-Stand in addition to the 20% off because I'm just that good!  :)

*  When it came time to trade in the old car seats, Caleb most certainly did not have a complete melt-down at the thought of giving the manager these old seats that he hadn't sat in in a year and 1/2!  He didn't proceed to scream through the store, "I want my car seats back!!!!!!!!" and then yell at the manager to "GIVE THEM BACK!!" when he saw the poor man.  Naturally, Matt and I didn't just laugh at him.  Uh-uh, not us!

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