Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wordless Wednesday...on Thursday

A day late, but why not?

Hanging Out With Isaac and Ezra

Grammy and Pop came up this week to stay with Isaac and Ezra while their parents were in Maine. We hung out with them a lot: going to the zoo, playing in our pool, and watching Cars at the church. Caleb loved being with his cousins and grandparents! Here are some highlights of their visit:

We went to the zoo on Saturday (after I called to invite them over and then they asked if I wanted to go with to the zoo with them!) The zoo was really crowded and there was lots of construction going on, but it was still fun!

On Monday, Barbara came over with the boys for lunch and pool time. Isaac and Caleb had a great time playing in the pool and sprinkler, but Ezra wanted nothing to do with the water! He was quite content to sit in his chair and watch though.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Birthday Thoughts...

So, sometimes this blog is to tell you guys what is going on in our lives...and sometimes it's to get my thoughts in order! I have been thinking about Caleb's birthday (yes, yes, I know he turns three in January...what can I say? I'm a planner!) and I wanted to get my ideas down.

It's going to be a carnival theme!

* moon bounce (my sister has one that we are going to borrow. That way, I don't lose money by canceling one I order because of snow.)

* ring toss

* ski ball

* bowling

* duck pond

* ball pit (I'm going to fill up the baby pool!)

The four real games will have prizes for each kid. These prizes will be in place of the goody bags. I'm considering doing rotations for these four games so that it will go quicker...we'll have a "game time" and someone managing each one. Then the kids just go to each game. The moon bounce and the ball pit would be outside, so half of the kids would go to one and half to the other. What do you think?


We're going to do some of the traditional carnival food. We're definitely going to do snow cones and popcorn, but I want there to be some healthier (or at least heartier) food too! I was thinking about doing fruit kabobs (totally stealing this idea from a RFL booth!), and we will probably do hotdogs with all the fixings. I can't think of anything else that matches the carnival theme, but I know we need more substantial food. Any suggestions?

I am also going to do some balloon animals, since I can and it is a fun addition that matches the theme.


We're going to do a balloon cake where each cupcake is an individual balloon (in various colors). The strings for the balloon will be Twizzler Pull-and-Peel pieces.

Party Favors:
Like I said, they will be the prizes for the game. I need four of them, but I'm not sure what to do. I was thinking that the duck that they pick will be one of the prizes (along with a piece of candy or something if there is a color on the bottom). Other than that....I'm not sure. I don't like useless junk that everybody throws away, and I don't want to give a bunch of candy. Any ideas on this that would match the theme? I was thinking a goldfish for the ring toss...but I have a feeling a bunch of parents would hate me! What about little packages of goldfish? Would that be cute? :)

Alright, I think I've talked it all out and asked for some advice. Please give me some!!!

Tales of a *Dump* Truck

Caleb likes to take toys to the potty with him to keep him company. It makes him happy, so I say WHY NOT?? Well, now I know why not!

Yesterday, Caleb had a dump truck with him and did his business just fine. I flushed the toilet and--oops! The truck fell out of his hand! Despite my best efforts to rescue the poor guy, it would appear that he was lost forever. Caleb burst into sobs and cried for a very long time. Even after the tears subsided, he felt the need to inform me every few minutes that he was sad that his truck went down the toilet.

Well, we went to see the movie Cars at church last night and several people got a good laugh out of the story. Matt went to the bathroom after we got home and I thought nothing of it...until this morning when Matt said that he couldn't get the toilet to flush properly. Uh oh...

So, Handyman Jack decides to take the entire toilet off of its "hole" and peer down into it. No truck! Must mean that it's in the toilet. Long, agonizing story short, he heads to Sneade's to get an auger, comes home, and finally fishes the truck out....covered in some nasty stuff. *ahem*

Moral of the story??? No more toys in the bathroom!!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

What Have I Been Up To?

I haven't blogged too much this week. Wanna know what I've been doing???

In no particular order...

cleaned bathrooms multiple times
went to Giant
vacuumed twice
went to the zoo with Grammy, Pop, Isaac, and Ezra
emptied the dishwasher a bunch
made chili
had Jenn and Emma over to play in the pool
shopped for stuff for Caleb's room at Target
made major progress with the potty training
went to Chesapeake Grille with my parents
organized the secret room with Erin
had a sleepover with Owen, Sara, and Amy
looked at pictures of Samson, Amy's (hopefully!) new dog
played with Caleb with all kinds of toys
watched TLC every night
went to the chiropractor twice
cleaned floorboards and walls with Erin
watched Baby Mamma
went to church
had pizza with my family
cleaned out a bunch of cabinets

....sure there's more, but Matt is talking to me and I can't concentrate! :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Emmy Lou: The Key to Sleep!

Today is one of those days when I wish I had ONE laptop that TOTALLY worked, instead of TWO laptops that have ISSUES! I have a story to tell, but it isn't nearly as great without pictures. I know I'll forget them if I wait to post the pics. I guess you'll have to wait on those until I get to Walmart.

Anyway, "Aunt" Jenn and Emma came over to play today. After lunch, the kids got swim suits on and headed out to the baby pool so that our bathing beauties could splash around. They had a great time playing! After Emma got tired, I put the edge of our little slide in the pool so that Caleb could slide down it into the pool. He LOVED it! (yes, all of this leads up to the funny story!)

We headed inside after a while and played some more until poor Emma was so tired she could hardly keep her eyes open! After they left, Caleb played a bit and then said he was hungry (4:30ish). He didn't have a nap today because he played all afternoon with Emma.

Just as I was putting dinner on the table, he had an accident. *sigh* I strip his clothes off, clean him up, and told him we'd get dressed after we ate. Well...

Halfway through dinner, Caleb laid face down on the bench at our table and promptly fell asleep...stark naked!! It was like immediate! I picked him up and carried him upstairs. While I was afraid that putting a Pull-up on him would wake him up, it didn't! He just curled right up in his bed. Poor guy...that little lady wore him out! :)

Like I said, it's much better with pictures. I'll post them eventually!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Updates on the Room

Caleb's picture came yesterday, so I went to Michael's today to get a frame. I'm really happy with the result! They also sent me a wonderful picture of two giraffes as a little thank you, which matches Caleb's bathroom perfectly! I framed that and will hang it today as well.

I also got a simple plastic trashcan and a baseball decal to put on it. I bought some baseball ribbon and am going to make simple little tie-backs for the curtains using velcro, but I can't do it until Caleb wakes up from his nap.

Because the dresser we have is a little smaller than the other one, I am having a little trouble fitting everything in! What's more, our wonderful walk-in closet has a can't shut the door if there are clothes about a foot from the front of the closet! So...that rather limits the clothes we can put in there. I bought a 4-drawer plastic container to put in his room. That way, I can put some of his clothes in there. I already have a storage bin holder with underwear, socks, hats, etc. in the closet too.

So...that is where we are now. It is close to being done!

Monday, July 13, 2009

picture of the quilt

As promised, here is a picture of what the quilt will look like!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen, Turn Your Attention to the Pitcher's Mound...

...Because Matt Leach will be throwing out the first pitch at the Bowie Baysox game on August 13th!! This has been a lifelong dream of his, so it's pretty exciting!

His enthusiasm was rather thwarted by the fact that I made him go on a treasure hunt to get this special prize at 6 a.m. this morning...guess I didn't think about that when I was planning it! I do think he is excited though, even if he did get a little tired during the hunting process! :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Room Updates

For all of you who have been as excited about Caleb's new room as I am (okay, "all" is a stretch...) I am happy to provide updates.

A few nights ago, we put the baseball decal up on the wall. It is over top of his bed and looks AMAZING! I am very happy with the quality...and how well we put it up!

We went to the mall today and got tab top curtains at Penney's in navy blue for a stellar price. I was very excited about how inexpensive they were. (FYI: Macy's doesn't carry curtains--who knew??)

At Babies R Us, I was able to get two crib sheets (Caleb's toddler bed uses the crib mattress, so twin-sized sheets don't fit) in RED and NAVY BLUE! I was very excited to find both of those the same store...on clearance! Wahooooo!!

I stopped by Target to see if they happened to have any of their baseball line in the store. They didn't have the tie-backs, but I was able to grab a baseball beanbag seat! The two they had on the shelf were filthy, but a nice employee found another one in the back that was clean. (Yes, I would have definitely asked for a discount if those had been the only two. That should have been a given!!) :)

We moved Caleb's bed into the room today, so he is officially sleeping in there. His clothes are still in his other room, but I moved his toys over and a few other things. The clothes will be moved this week while Matt is away.

The pillowcase came the other day and is very cute. With all of the stuff that has been coming in the mail, Caleb has gotten in the habit of asking if anything in the mail is for his room. :)

After several pictures and many conversations, Barbara and I decided on the pattern for Caleb's baseball quilt. It is a log cabin style quilt (Don't I sound knowledgeable??? Just don't ask me how to measure the pieces...or cut them...or sew them...or add a backing...basically, I can just tell you the style!) I have a picture of it, but I can't load it on here for some reason. It may be a problem with Blogger, so I'll try again later. Anyway, I'm excited to see the final product!

I would be lying if I sad I wasn't rather sentimental about Caleb moving out of the nursery...yes, I cried! I am happy that he loves his room, though...and we'll just have to find another baby to move into the nursery!

Alright, I seriously need to go to bed. Tomorrow is a BIG is Matt's birthday, and he has an incredible surprise waiting for him!! Want to know what it is?? Just wait and see!! After church, we are going miniature golfing with Caleb for the first time. It is also Matt's first time doing a baptism tomorrow (actually, he's doing four!), so I really need to go to bed. I usually make Matt just shut the laptop, but he went to bed almost two hours ago!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

I am taking a grueling class this week, so don't expect to hear too much from me. In the mean time, here is a picture to ponder....

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Caleb's Room

After much searching and deliberating, I have finally found some TOTALLY cute baseball decorations for Caleb's room. My plan is to have his room done while Matt is at Momentum. He has promised to take the bed out and put it away before he leaves so that the room will be ready for me to work in!

Here are the items I have bought:

Baseball Pillowcase: Barbara is going to be making Caleb a baseball quilt, but I got this pillowcase because the color scheme we are using for the quilt matches this print. I like it and I think it's okay that it won't necessarily be the same fabric. I don't want the quilt to be overly "baseballish," so I'm pulling it out a bit here.

A Door Hanger: I will either hang this on the door knob or put it on a nail on the door...haven't decided yet. Of course, the name on it won't be Jackson... :)

Glove/Ball Photograph: I absolutely LOVE this photograph! Can you believe it was taken by a 9 year old boy??? This will be an 8 x 10, and I am going to get a frame for it. My goal with Caleb's room is to make it not so "kiddish" that he gets tired of it at age 5, so I think this photo gives it an older feel.

A Personalized Batter Decal: This is going to go on the wall right over his bed. It will be in navy blue (with Caleb's name, of course) and the number 8 for Cal Ripken! I found another decal of a batter that was bigger and sort of transparent, but we liked this one better because it was personalized and I could change the colors. The transparent idea would be cool if we had color on the walls, but we are leaving them the way they are and adding color with the decorations.

So...that is what I have ordered so far! I need to get some navy blue curtains, but I plan to take a trip to Penney's one day while Matt is gone so that I can see them in person. I know that I definitely need black out curtains that go the length of the window! That room gets sooooo bright, and our early riser certainly doesn't need to be waking up any earlier! I'm going to go with a solid navy blue for the curtains--red is a little too bright for me.

PS: Happy 4th of July!! We're off to my aunt and uncle's house in a little while for the annual Independence Day Bash. I'm hoping that maybe there are fireworks somewhere that we can go see! Most of them were last night, and we had VBS.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Vacation Bible School

This week has been Vacation bible School, and we have been traveling back to Rome! This VBS curriculum is completely different than anything I've seen, because the kids dress up as Roman children, learn Latin, play Roman games (javelin, chariot races, etc.), do Roman crafts in a marketplace (making jewelry, baking bread, making paper, weaving, etc.), and even get to meet Paul and go to the catacombs! It's such a great experience for them because most of them have no prior knowledge.

I am a family leader this year. Last year I was in the market place teaching about herbs and spices, which I loved. They needed a few more family leaders this year, so I volunteered. I'm having a blast! My group is ridculously cute and sweet. When all of the other groups are running around acting like little hooligans, my wonderful group is just sitting and talking together quietly. They love to hold hands with me, which I love. They even fight to grab my hands first! They're just great.

Tonight is our last night, and I have thoroughly enjoyed it...even all of the rain we've had! :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

I've been having Blogger's Block. I couldn't even think of anything for Not Me! Monday! Here's a picture for you to enjoy whilest I am trying to be inspired. PerhapsVBS tonight will give me something to write about!