Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tales of a *Dump* Truck

Caleb likes to take toys to the potty with him to keep him company. It makes him happy, so I say WHY NOT?? Well, now I know why not!

Yesterday, Caleb had a dump truck with him and did his business just fine. I flushed the toilet and--oops! The truck fell out of his hand! Despite my best efforts to rescue the poor guy, it would appear that he was lost forever. Caleb burst into sobs and cried for a very long time. Even after the tears subsided, he felt the need to inform me every few minutes that he was sad that his truck went down the toilet.

Well, we went to see the movie Cars at church last night and several people got a good laugh out of the story. Matt went to the bathroom after we got home and I thought nothing of it...until this morning when Matt said that he couldn't get the toilet to flush properly. Uh oh...

So, Handyman Jack decides to take the entire toilet off of its "hole" and peer down into it. No truck! Must mean that it's in the toilet. Long, agonizing story short, he heads to Sneade's to get an auger, comes home, and finally fishes the truck out....covered in some nasty stuff. *ahem*

Moral of the story??? No more toys in the bathroom!!!!

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