Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Craft Shows Galore!

Well, Our Favorite Things has been quite busy recently! We had a table at Ladies' Night at our local Super Suppers on Thursday, which went really well. My sister-in-law joined us for the first time and I think she enjoyed herself...enough to make her own craft name and blog! :) For the price of a yummy meal (which was not required but we know the owners and wnated to help them out!), we were incredibly busy for the entire two hours! It was a good night!

On Sunday, we had an Open House at my sister's house from 1-5. Our Mary Kay friend and my sister-in-law were there again, and we all did alright. It wasn't quite as busy as it was at Super Suppers, but it was fun to sit and chat with people in a casual atmosphere. We even had some people that NONE of us knew who came because a friend of theirs raved about us after Thursday's show! We have fans!!! :)

We have two more shows in April back-to-back on the 18th and 19th. The 18th is a craft bazaar to support a Race for the Cure 3-Day team, and the 19th is a craft show/yard sale to support a Relay for Life team. Two great craft shows for two great causes! My sister and I know both of the groups who are running them, so we're excited to be involved. I do believe that the sister-in-law is joining us for these as well...I think she might be a regular! :)

Things are going well with Our Favorite Things, and I'm trying to pace myself in getting ready for the April shows. I sold a whole lot of my inventory last weekend, so I'm trying to restock with some of the more popular items....like Vera Bradley prints, florals, and my new rounds that have sold pretty well. I have made about 30 in the last two nights, just during my nightly TV watching. Not too bad for a mom with a full-time job and three part-time jobs...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Freecycle Finds

I absolutely LOVE Freecycle. It has saved us sooooo much money, and some of Caleb's favorite toys have cost us nothing more than the gas it took to pick them up!

Some of my most recent finds:

* A trash bag full of trendy clothes in EXCELLENT condition. I got a ton of name brands like Hollister, Abercrombie, Old Navy, etc. Some of the clothes weren't quite my style (a little too young/tight for my taste), but I got quite a few "new" pieces of clothing out of it and freecycled the rest! Two loads of laundry later, I am enjoying the new additions to my wardrobe.

* Bag of greeting cards. I sometimes reuse parts of greeting cards when I make my own cards. I especially like tearing around pictures and sayings to make them look "Shabby Chic." I picked up a huge bag of unused cards with the envelopes. The envelopes alone were worth it, since the variety of shapes and sizes are always useful when you make your own cards. I got some great cards that I will easily be able to cut apart and use for some new creations!

* 30+ VHS Disney movies. I'm not sure why people are so against VHS, but I'm not complaining in this case! We have a duel player, so we are perfectly happy with VHS movies--especially when it comes to Disney movies that we know Caleb will want to watch a lot. Matt picked them up today and I'm sure Caleb will be thrilled with all of his new movies.

Some Freecycle Favorites:

* Little People Ride-On School Bus. I picked this up for Caleb in the middle of nowhere St. Mary's county when he was only 5 months old. I can honestly say that he has played with this wonderful toy more than any other toy he's ever had. He started out doing normal riding....now he's into racing across the kitchen in it! His latest thing is hiding as many little toys as possible in the compartment underneath the seat. It was the best NO MONEY I've ever spent!

* Fisher Price Rock Quarry. This little diddy actually became a Christmas present for Caleb! It came complete with rocks that you could "blow up," trucks to drive around the quarry, and cranes to lift up the rocks. He hasn't played with it as much as I'd hoped he would have, but he still thinks it is pretty cool.

* Hot Wheels Trick Tracks. I got these from the same people who gave me the rock quarry. Caleb loves these tracks almost as much as Matt does! They love figuring out which cars will launch the farthest. This one is definitely one to keep around!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

He Sang!

A week ago today, I would have never guessed that it would happen...but it did! Caleb sang with the Cherub Choir for the first time today. He was a little unsure when he first walked up on stage and began to whimper a bit, but Sara threw her motherly little arm around him and assured him, "It's okay, Bubba!" The arm stayed around the poor whipped boy through the duration of the song, and then she led him to his spot for the Bible verse. When she saw Matt sitting in the front row, Sara promptly grabbed Caleb's chin and turned it toward Matt, exclaiming, "There's Daddy!" Of course, there were seveal kisses before the end of the performance as well. They were the hit of the show.

I took video of the performance, and Caleb watched it twice this afternoon. He gleefully exclaimed, "There's Sara! Look, there's Owen!" He then clapped at the end of the song and cheered for Sara. It was all so cute! :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Relay for Life

Relay is a fundraising event that is near and dear to my heart. My dad is a cancer survivor, and I lost my grandfather and my dear friend to cancer. Currently, I have an aunt and a friend who are battling cancer. I seriously think that it is a disease that has touched everyone in some way.

I started Relaying four years ago the year that my friend Lisa died. Our school bonded together in our grief and decided to honor her memory by putting a team together. Relay really is an amazing time to remember those you lost to cancer, honor their lives, and celebrate the survivors. Every year, I have the opportunity to remember how much Lisa and I bonded when we were both new teachers. I can think back on all of the ways that my Pop made me laugh (or fume!) through the years. It's just an amazing time of reflection...and a lot of fun too!

This year, RFL will be on June 19th-20th. While I have always been a part of my school team in the past, this year I am helping my dad with our church team, Grace-Full Footsteps, to raise money. Currently, our team has raised over $1,200. Since Relay is three months away, I think we're in pretty good shape!!

If you would like to join our team or consider donating to the American Cancer Society, please visit our team page here. We are also currently selling pasta from The Pasta Shoppe. My sister sold this for her Avon Walk fundraiser, so I know first hand that it is yummy!

Anyway, that's my heart. I love Relay, and I look forward to taking Caleb this year so that he can begin to learn what it's all about. The plan is to spend the night....we'll see how that all goes!! :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What's Up?

This has been a slow blogging week. Several times, I've come here with the plan to blog, but I'm going through a blogger's block, I suppose. Here's what's been going on the last week or so:

* My sister and I have two craft shows next week (Thursday and Sunday), so I've been busy making necklaces. Click here if you want to see what I've been up to!

* Barbara and Carter came to visit last weekend. Ezra's birthday was Monday, so they came up for his birthday party on Saturday. The highlights of the weekend with Grammy and Pop were bowling and dyeing Easter eggs(I can't believe I didn't get any pictures of either one of these activities!)

* MSA is upon us! The math MSA was Tuesday and Wednesday, and the reading MSA is next week. No, I can't talk about it!!

* Caleb has moved up to the 2's and 3's Sunday school class, which has not been without its challenges. He hasn't seemed to get comfortable yet, and there have been some things that have happened that have made me a little less than comfortable as well. He practices singing with the Cherub choir every week now, and his debut performance is on Sunday. We'll see if he sings...last week when I went to pick him up, he came running and screaming, "Don't make me sing! I don't wanna sing!" We've been very positive with him and have been singing the song over and over this week....so we'll see!

* Matt and I have been going through The Love Dare (the book featured in "Fireproof.") It has been really good for us. I'm learning a lot about myself and am trying to look differently at our marriage. I would highly recommend it.

* Caleb and I met Amy and the kids at Paint and Pottery today to paint an Easter egg. It has become an Easter tradition for the Bevard clan, so we decided to begin our own tradition. We hopefully made it a marbley blue/yellow...that was the goal! Caleb kept saying, "Paint, paint, paint! Paint, paint, paint!" while he painted. It was very cute!

* I have been getting a ton of good deals, thanks to this blogger. She is basically the free and good deal guru! I got Caleb's Easter outfit and a lightweight jacket for less than $20 shipped! I've learned about tons of freebies that have started rolling in. Check her blog out!

* I've been trying to stay healthy in this ridiculous weather. One Sunday, we got 11 inches of snow. The very next Sunday, it reached nearly 80 degrees. My classroom is frigid and then I sweat when I go out to recess. I can't wait for TRUE SPRING!!! I hate winter when it's just cold. I only like it when it does something to benefit me....like snow 11 inches and get me out of school for 2 1/2 days!!

Alright, that's about it. I know, it's not very exciting. I will think of something entertaining to blog about later. For now, I will leave you with my current favorite picture. He's searching for treasures on our road, but he carried a few of his own along for company. :)

Monday, March 9, 2009

My Favorite Things

I haven't done this in a long time. Why not today? ;)

This really is an incredible movie. While it was put on by a church and didn't cost the billions of dollars that a blockbuster might, it was done very well and has such a good message. It's pretty amazing how God has given this church such talented people and the means to put on these types of productions. Most of the actors are volunteers, and they get all of the food on the set donated by church members or local businesses! This is the same group that did Facing the Giants a few years ago, but getting Kirk Cameron to star in this one definitely improved the quality a bit. Matt and I are now doing The Love Dare together (the book from the movie). We're very excited about it!

Pomegranates Our family has strong passions for this little Super Fruit! Not only is it an interesting taste and texture, but it is incredibly good for you! It's such a healthy and scrumptious snack. Caleb asks to buy them literally ANY time we go to the grocery store! Unfortunately, they aren't in season until late Summer/early Fall...so we have a little while to wait! I bought him some pomegranate juice as a special treat, but it's not quite the same.

Juno I really love this movie, and not just because it's funny! I love that Juno is an individual who is not going to change for anyone. Even though she is a pregnant teenager, Juno knows who she is and will stick to that. I also love that she chose adoption over abortion! One of my favorite songs is the one they do at the end: "I Don't See What Anybody Sees in Anyone Else But You." Great song by the Moldy Peaches! :)

The Chesapeake Grille This lovely little restaurant in Dunkirk has a big heart and delicious food! The owner pays his workers better than the normal waiter, so they do not accept tips. Instead, all tips are donated to charities. Isn't that a great idea??? This week (the 8th-15th), they are donating all of the tips to our Relay for Life team. Our Sunday School class went there yesterday for lunch, and all of the newbies commented on how yummy the food was. Matt LOVED the ham on his sandwich. I have had the portobello mushroom sandwich and the crab soup. Both were wonderful! Anyway, if you live in the area and want to help support a great cause, check out The Chesapeake Grille sometime this week! :)

Warm, but not humid, days outside Maryland gets humid very quickly, so I love the warm weather pre-humidity! We spent a long time outside yesterday playing with the neighbors (I teach the little girl) and looking for special treasures to put in the wagon. Caleb even helped me rake a few leaves (too bad the pronged part was facing up!) :) It was a fun Sunday afternoon.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

There's a Cow in the Road!

Caleb loves his tractor that we have upstairs in our bedroom. We got it at our church silent auction last year, and it was literally the best $25 we've ever spent!

Anyway, he was riding it this weekend and all of the sudden, yells out, "There's a cow in the road!" I stopped doing my hair long enough to ask him what he was talking about, and he explained that there was a cow in the middle of the road and he couldn't get by. I (after laughing for a while) told him to honk the horn and ask the cow politely to move. He did, and the wayward cow allowed him to pass.

Well, this has gone on many, MANY times since then (remember, I was snowed in for two days too!), and that darned cow just keeps getting in the way! This morning, Caleb asked again, "What's that cow doing?" Apparently, the cow wondered into the middle of the road yet again. This time, I suggested that Caleb pick up the cow and put it in the tractor's trailer to keep it out of the way.

Well....my wonderfully imaginative little boy gleefully walked over to the "cow," spread his arms as if he was picking up a large load, and even grunted a few times from the effort. Don't worry--he did manage to get the cow in the trailer!

Unfortunately, that silly cow keeps jumping out of the back of the trailer. He just doesn't realize that Farmer Caleb is trying to keep him out of the way!

I'll have to think of another suggestion for keeping that cow out of the road. If he doesn't get the hint soon, I fear for his life. Caleb is getting rather impatient and it's holding up his hauling! :)