Monday, March 9, 2009

My Favorite Things

I haven't done this in a long time. Why not today? ;)

This really is an incredible movie. While it was put on by a church and didn't cost the billions of dollars that a blockbuster might, it was done very well and has such a good message. It's pretty amazing how God has given this church such talented people and the means to put on these types of productions. Most of the actors are volunteers, and they get all of the food on the set donated by church members or local businesses! This is the same group that did Facing the Giants a few years ago, but getting Kirk Cameron to star in this one definitely improved the quality a bit. Matt and I are now doing The Love Dare together (the book from the movie). We're very excited about it!

Pomegranates Our family has strong passions for this little Super Fruit! Not only is it an interesting taste and texture, but it is incredibly good for you! It's such a healthy and scrumptious snack. Caleb asks to buy them literally ANY time we go to the grocery store! Unfortunately, they aren't in season until late Summer/early we have a little while to wait! I bought him some pomegranate juice as a special treat, but it's not quite the same.

Juno I really love this movie, and not just because it's funny! I love that Juno is an individual who is not going to change for anyone. Even though she is a pregnant teenager, Juno knows who she is and will stick to that. I also love that she chose adoption over abortion! One of my favorite songs is the one they do at the end: "I Don't See What Anybody Sees in Anyone Else But You." Great song by the Moldy Peaches! :)

The Chesapeake Grille This lovely little restaurant in Dunkirk has a big heart and delicious food! The owner pays his workers better than the normal waiter, so they do not accept tips. Instead, all tips are donated to charities. Isn't that a great idea??? This week (the 8th-15th), they are donating all of the tips to our Relay for Life team. Our Sunday School class went there yesterday for lunch, and all of the newbies commented on how yummy the food was. Matt LOVED the ham on his sandwich. I have had the portobello mushroom sandwich and the crab soup. Both were wonderful! Anyway, if you live in the area and want to help support a great cause, check out The Chesapeake Grille sometime this week! :)

Warm, but not humid, days outside Maryland gets humid very quickly, so I love the warm weather pre-humidity! We spent a long time outside yesterday playing with the neighbors (I teach the little girl) and looking for special treasures to put in the wagon. Caleb even helped me rake a few leaves (too bad the pronged part was facing up!) :) It was a fun Sunday afternoon.

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