Friday, January 30, 2009

The Shoes Make the Man...Continued

Remember a few posts ago when I told you about Caleb's statement that "the shoes make the man, Mommy!" and I laughed like crazy? Well, the other day we were getting into the car. Caleb pointed to his shoes as he climbed into his car seat and said, "Mommy, the man makes the shoes!" I giggled and replied, "Yeah, some man probably did!" :) "The shoe makes the man" seems to be his new favorite phrase, after "what are you doing?" and "what's that?" Ah, to be two again!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice Day!

I was awoken by a lovely phone call (two, actually--first from my mom and then from my coworker) stating that we were off school today. I promptly went back to sleep and didn't wake up until close to 10 a.m., which I desperately needed (thank you, Matt, for taking Caleb!)

Caleb and I spent the day enjoying each other's company. The highlights? Painting with water colors...mostly on the floor and his fingers! Thank goodness it was washable! Watching Annie...Caleb is learning some of the songs and was especially enthralled with Sandy (the dog). I thoroughly enjoyed sharing a bit of my favorite movie with him. We didn't get through the entire movie, but I'm okay with that. Cooking in his kitchen...Caleb seems to especially love to make hot chocolate. Today, it was hot chocolate and eggs. Flinging monkeys...we got Caleb a game for his birthday where you flip monkeys onto a tree. It is much harder than it looks, but Caleb enjoys flinging them and cackles when a monkey hits someone! Playing with play-dough...this is one of Caleb's favorite activities. We have the little thing (it looks like a garlic press, but is a toy) that makes hair, so all of the animals we cut out with cookie cutters had to have some hair! I had a little too much fun making a reggae snowman with a crack pipe in his mouth...cabin fever?!? :) We also made a dog on a leash that Caleb "walked" for a while before giving him a ride on his bus. The play dough entertained him for over an hour! :) BTW: I make my own play dough. My mom did it and it just has a much better consistancy and doesn't get dry nearly as quickly as the "store-bought" stuff. PLUS, you can choose the colors you want!! :)

We stayed inside today because (1) Caleb didn't seem to enjoy being outside in the snow anyway (see yesterday's post), and (2) it rained and sleeted most of the day. Becky stayed in unless absolutely necessary too!

During nap time, I managed to get through all of the bills and writing down receipts, which is something I have needed to do. When Caleb was awake, I even managed to be a little bit productive: I vacuumed the upstairs and main floor, cleaned up the kitchen, and ran the dishwasher!

We had a pretty darn fun-filled day. I do oh-so-love a good snow day!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!!

We had snow in the forecast last night/today. Loving a good snow day like I do, I was extremely disappointed when I was awoken by my alarm rather than a phone call by my colleague!

So, I went to work at about 7:15 and the road were fine. It was snowing, but just a flurry. By 8:30, we had at least an inch on the ground and people were talking about how bad the roads were! Kids poured off of the buses with stories of sliding into ditches and fish-tailing into trees. By 9:30, we knew we were going home three hours early...why even come at all??

Thankfully, we were just presenting projects in reading today and I wasn't requiring my kids to concentrate and do all kinds of work. Good thing, because I heard "It's snowing!!!!!!!!" about 37 million times in just 3 hours! Why do short days like this seem longer than normal days...?

Matt picked Caleb up and got home around the same time I did. Caleb was asleep, so we did some things around the house while he napped. After he woke up, we all got bundled up to go play in the snow. This was Caleb's first true experience with snow. Last year we only got one snowfall and it was in the evening. I knew from the forecast that the snow would be melted by the following day, so we went out in the dark and played for a few minutes. It really wasn't all I wanted it to be, and we never got another good snow.

Anyway, so we got him all dressed in his bib snow pants (thanks Susanne--$4 from a thrift store!!), and I should have known right then that it wasn't going to be pretty. He absolutely flipped out over putting them on, and kept insisting, "I don't want them!!" We finally got him dressed and then went to put the boots on....that was an adventure! He just kept saying, "Too big! Don't want them!" and refused to walk in them.

We finally got him outside after some coaxing (and with a little bribe of cookies and hot chocolate when we come back in--but we had to go out first!!) and he just stood there and cried. Matt took him on the sled and he of course Matt, being the caring father he is, thought it would be a good idea to then let him go down on the sled by himself! Did he love this? Um, no! He freaked out....possibly scarred for life!

Matt tried to show Caleb how to make a snow angel by demonstrating himself. When he laid Caleb down to do it, he did nothing but SCREAM! Matt threw a snowball at him (softly) and what did he do? SCREAM! Of course, I got pictures of all of this mayhem...

I finally made him the slightest bit happier by suggesting we make a snowman. Of course, all snowmen are named Frosty! We found Frosty arms, eyes, a nose, and a mouth. The snow wasn't perfectly cooperative, but it was good enough for a two year old! Of course, he stood next to Frosty the entire time and refused to move at all.

The highlight of the excursion? Hot chocolate and cookies inside afterward!!!

*sigh* My visions of a happy family throwing snowballs and making snow angels for hours in the snow amidst peals of laughter didn't quite come true. Maybe next year...

Pictures of the sad event to follow whenever I get enough to dump them onto a disc at Walmart!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

blog thoughts?

I'm trying to find the right picture to be the header background, but do you like the template? I'm a big fan of They have cute ones that are not real difficult to apply. Let me know if you have suggestions!

Hug your babies!

On Wednesday night, the little girl of two people that Matt and I know from high school choked on a carrot and passed away. She was only 2 1/2, so it really hit home with me.

It's kind of sad that it takes something tragic like that to remind me of how fragile life is. I love my boy dearly and know how blessed I am to have him in my life, but I do admit that I don't often try to imagine how life would be without him.

I have a feeling that M and J didn't wake up Wednesday morning wondering what life would be like without their daughter. I'm sure that they didn't consider the idea that this would be the last time they would kiss her goodbye or tell her they loved her. Not that it is something that I like to think about, but we truly have to make the most of every moment we have with these precious little ones.

So kiss your babies tonight and hug them a little tighter than normal. I have shed a few tears for these people and cried a bit over the thought of having to deal with what they are going through. No parent should have to bury their child, and certainly not at such a young age. Love them while you can!

The Socks Make the Man, Mommy!

Friday, Caleb didn't want to put his socks on. Matt told him that "the socks make the man," so he needed to wear them. Caleb then came in to see me (I approve the outfit each morning to make sure he doesn't look like a ragamuffin!) and proceeded to inform me that "the socks make the man, Mommy!!"

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


So, really...who told this woman that she could sing?? Is THIS how we honor our new president??? She would have gotten laughed off of American Idol...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

I haven't done this in a while, so I figured why not tonight when I have more time than normal?

* Wrapping presents: I seriously love it. It's pretty much a sickness. I love it so much, in fact, that I usually wrap the presents as soon as I buy them. Not that I'm a beautiful present-wrapper or anything---I am definitely not! I just really like wrapping presents...especially whole groups of them, like at Christmas time. Let's just say one Halloween I wrapped Christmas presents in between greeting trick-or-treaters...and this year, I was done wrapping before I said, it's a sickness!

* Hot chocolate: I thoroughly enjoy this. I will drink all kinds, but I really just love the traditional milk chocolate. It has to have marshmallows though--they are a must! Have you had the peppermint hot chocolate at Bob Evans yet? It's to die for!! I have now introduced Caleb to hot chocolate (thanks to this ridiculously cold weather we've been having) and I think he likes it almost as much as me. Matt won't drink it...he's unamerican, I tell you!

* Musical instruments for kids: seriously, nothing is more fun than playing in a "band" with Caleb! He loves to try to do the one-man-band and play multiple instruments at once, which is always entertaining! Now, he has the piano/microphone, which is even more fun than all of his other instruments. He has a TON: piano, drum, several recorders, moraccas (sp?), a handmade dried gourd rattle that has the seeds still inside (totally cool!!), several guitars, a saxaphone...and I'm sure I'm missing some! It is really just hours of entertainment! I'm really not one of those moms that can't stand the noise that loud toys make--which is probably why I tend to buy the loud toys for my nieces and nephews!! :) It really just doesn't bother me. I would rather let Caleb bang away on a drum while I'm cooking dinner than have him trying to climb up my leg!

* The blower on our gas fireplace: This was supposed to be installed when the gas fireplace was put in. Long story short, we had an idiot for a sales girl who messed up just about everything, and we had a horrible experience overall. When I realized that she did not sell us the "total comfort kit," but rather just the remote control, I was so fed up with the whole process that I just said forget it. It was nearly April by the time the stove was put in (we ordered it in December...yeah...), and we didn't really use it at all until this season. When the cold set in, the heat from the stove itself just wasn't enough. I needed the blower!!! We ordered it and (of course) they ended up not coming out on the day they said they would. Thankfully, they did install it on last Wednesday, which was the coldest day of the year so far! Horray! I love it every bit as much as I thought I would, too. So do Becky and Caleb...Caleb asks for me to turn the fire on and Becky lies down right in front of it!

* Making necklaces: I've never considered myself crafty, so this just really makes me happy. I really just enjoy making them (all kinds: kids, VB, etc.) and love when others like them too. The only problem is that my OCD gets in the way a little bit and I tend to neglect everything else (laundry, house, grading...Matt...) when I start making them. Don't worry--I don't do anything with them when Caleb is awake! He's the one thing I can't/won't neglect! :)

Friday, January 16, 2009

All is right with the world

Caleb's new piano came today! I put it together and it works great! Best of all, the piano has diverted his attention from the "new" (to us) play house that my Uncle Tom just brought over yesterday. He wants oh-so-badly to go out and play in it, but his two year old mind can't comprehend the fact that it is BUTT COLD outside!!!!

So, thank you Barbara and Carter for sending the piano just in the knick of time to keep Caleb and I from freezing our bottoms off! :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Party Details,

Alright, here's the recap of Caleb's party:

First, I have to tell you what we got Saturday morning--a 35 pound ride-on dinosaur that we lovingly named Hank. Hank was given to us by our neighbor (whose daughter I teach). Their kids got it for Christmas from a friend and they are way too old for it. They asked if we wanted it and we told them sure! It does all kinds of stuff: purr when you rub his chin, play several songs, eat, burp, etc. So fun! Little did we know that our son would be absolutely terrified of it! It sits in between the playroom and the living room, and Caleb actually walks around to the other entrance to the playroom to avoid going near it! At this point, the only thing we have succeeded in doing is getting Caleb to sit on it while it was off. At least we didn't pay anything for it!

Okay, back to the party! We had lots of friends and family here (around 25 people total) and everybody seemed to enjoy the food. The PBJ sandwiches were a big hit with the kids and the adults!

After eating, we went downstairs to play the construction game. The kids took turns building up towers and knocking them down. Caleb's favorite part was knocking the towers down as quickly as the other kids could make them, so we had to hold him back. Isaac wasn't too crazy about building the towers, but he was more than willing to help knock them down with the excavator! We also tried having them see how high they could build the tower, and everybody got a piece of candy for their efforts. Chaotic? Oh yeah! Lots of fun, none the less!

After the game, we settled down a bit to open some presents. The highlights: a beautiful kid-sized Cracker Barrel rocking chair, Alvin and the Chipmunks movie, a hand-knit baseball hat, a Curious George DVD, lots of trucks, and several Color Wonder activity sets. He was especially excited about "The Chipmunks!!!" Caleb did well opening presents slowly and hugging each person, which I think is important. I'm not a fan of the present free-for-all.

When present time was over, we went upstairs to sing "Happy Birthday" and blow out the candles on his lovely bulldozer cake. Naturally, I cried through the song and everybody laughed at me. I'll still be crying when Caleb turns 20! We had two candles in the cake and Isaac decided he wanted to blow them out! He got to them before Caleb did (and before we could stop him), so we decided to relight them and reinact the candle blowing! Caleb did blow one out by himself, but Matt and I helped him with the second one.

We had lots of cake, cookies, candy, donuts...all of the extras from the cake! (oh, ice cream too!) People hung around for a while playing in the playroom on the dinosaur (while Caleb watched from a safe distance in case Hank decided to charge!), and we were cleaning up around 7:30. Good party!

Pictures will come whenever I get to Walmart to get them put on a disk. :)

Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy Birthday, Caleb!

I cannot believe that my baby is two today! In about an hour exactly two years ago, I gave birth to the biggest joy of my life. He is absolutely beautiful and has caused me to love deeper and more selflessly than I ever thought possible. He is an amazing little boy, and I enjoy every minute with him.

Tomorrow is his construction party (remember this post?) and we are doing pretty well with the stuff we need to get done. Matt scoffed at my daily list of things to do to prepare for the party, but it has helped us to pace ourselves so that tomorrow won't be so stressful!

My practice bulldozer cake that I did last weekend turned out really well, so I'm hoping that tomorrow's real cake will be even better! I'll be sure to take lots of pictures of the whole fiesta.

Caleb, I love you. You won't really know how much until you have a child of your own. I sure didn't understand the depth of my parents' love until I had you! You are an amazing boy. Happy 2nd birthday!

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Thanks to my favorite sister, I have now learned how to format my blog! (It only took 3 years....) I can't believe how easy it is!!

In other news, we now have a working blog/website-ish kind of a thing for our crafty group "Our Favorite Things." You can view it here. Amy is now working on putting up some of her bow pictures. There is an email address on there if you see anything you like!! :)

Friday, January 2, 2009

new pictures!

I added pictures to my Christmas blog and the one accounting our NC trip. Check them out! ;)