Tuesday, January 27, 2009

SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!!

We had snow in the forecast last night/today. Loving a good snow day like I do, I was extremely disappointed when I was awoken by my alarm rather than a phone call by my colleague!

So, I went to work at about 7:15 and the road were fine. It was snowing, but just a flurry. By 8:30, we had at least an inch on the ground and people were talking about how bad the roads were! Kids poured off of the buses with stories of sliding into ditches and fish-tailing into trees. By 9:30, we knew we were going home three hours early...why even come at all??

Thankfully, we were just presenting projects in reading today and I wasn't requiring my kids to concentrate and do all kinds of work. Good thing, because I heard "It's snowing!!!!!!!!" about 37 million times in just 3 hours! Why do short days like this seem longer than normal days...?

Matt picked Caleb up and got home around the same time I did. Caleb was asleep, so we did some things around the house while he napped. After he woke up, we all got bundled up to go play in the snow. This was Caleb's first true experience with snow. Last year we only got one snowfall and it was in the evening. I knew from the forecast that the snow would be melted by the following day, so we went out in the dark and played for a few minutes. It really wasn't all I wanted it to be, and we never got another good snow.

Anyway, so we got him all dressed in his bib snow pants (thanks Susanne--$4 from a thrift store!!), and I should have known right then that it wasn't going to be pretty. He absolutely flipped out over putting them on, and kept insisting, "I don't want them!!" We finally got him dressed and then went to put the boots on....that was an adventure! He just kept saying, "Too big! Don't want them!" and refused to walk in them.

We finally got him outside after some coaxing (and with a little bribe of cookies and hot chocolate when we come back in--but we had to go out first!!) and he just stood there and cried. Matt took him on the sled and he screamed...so of course Matt, being the caring father he is, thought it would be a good idea to then let him go down on the sled by himself! Did he love this? Um, no! He freaked out....possibly scarred for life!

Matt tried to show Caleb how to make a snow angel by demonstrating himself. When he laid Caleb down to do it, he did nothing but SCREAM! Matt threw a snowball at him (softly) and what did he do? SCREAM! Of course, I got pictures of all of this mayhem...

I finally made him the slightest bit happier by suggesting we make a snowman. Of course, all snowmen are named Frosty! We found Frosty arms, eyes, a nose, and a mouth. The snow wasn't perfectly cooperative, but it was good enough for a two year old! Of course, he stood next to Frosty the entire time and refused to move at all.

The highlight of the excursion? Hot chocolate and cookies inside afterward!!!

*sigh* My visions of a happy family throwing snowballs and making snow angels for hours in the snow amidst peals of laughter didn't quite come true. Maybe next year...

Pictures of the sad event to follow whenever I get enough to dump them onto a disc at Walmart!

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