Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice Day!

I was awoken by a lovely phone call (two, actually--first from my mom and then from my coworker) stating that we were off school today. I promptly went back to sleep and didn't wake up until close to 10 a.m., which I desperately needed (thank you, Matt, for taking Caleb!)

Caleb and I spent the day enjoying each other's company. The highlights? Painting with water colors...mostly on the floor and his fingers! Thank goodness it was washable! Watching Annie...Caleb is learning some of the songs and was especially enthralled with Sandy (the dog). I thoroughly enjoyed sharing a bit of my favorite movie with him. We didn't get through the entire movie, but I'm okay with that. Cooking in his kitchen...Caleb seems to especially love to make hot chocolate. Today, it was hot chocolate and eggs. Flinging monkeys...we got Caleb a game for his birthday where you flip monkeys onto a tree. It is much harder than it looks, but Caleb enjoys flinging them and cackles when a monkey hits someone! Playing with play-dough...this is one of Caleb's favorite activities. We have the little thing (it looks like a garlic press, but is a toy) that makes hair, so all of the animals we cut out with cookie cutters had to have some hair! I had a little too much fun making a reggae snowman with a crack pipe in his mouth...cabin fever?!? :) We also made a dog on a leash that Caleb "walked" for a while before giving him a ride on his bus. The play dough entertained him for over an hour! :) BTW: I make my own play dough. My mom did it and it just has a much better consistancy and doesn't get dry nearly as quickly as the "store-bought" stuff. PLUS, you can choose the colors you want!! :)

We stayed inside today because (1) Caleb didn't seem to enjoy being outside in the snow anyway (see yesterday's post), and (2) it rained and sleeted most of the day. Becky stayed in unless absolutely necessary too!

During nap time, I managed to get through all of the bills and writing down receipts, which is something I have needed to do. When Caleb was awake, I even managed to be a little bit productive: I vacuumed the upstairs and main floor, cleaned up the kitchen, and ran the dishwasher!

We had a pretty darn fun-filled day. I do oh-so-love a good snow day!

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