Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mommy Milk

The other day, I was watching TLC's A Baby Story when Caleb came down from his nap.  There was a woman on there who was nursing (tactfully--you can't see anything at all), and Caleb asked what she was doing.  I told him the baby was eating and he asked where the bottle was. I told him that his mommy gives him milk from her body, to which he asked if Abby was going to eat from my belly when she was born (I just let the body-belly thing go because I didn't feel like going into all of that...).  I explained that Abby was going to eat from a bottle so that Daddy and Caleb could help feed her.  Of course, he then had a miriad of questions about how the baby gets milk from her belly and all that. 

Amy, all I have to say is that you'd better get one of those nursing blankets that hooks around your neck, because this boy is all-kinds-of-interested in how babies get milk from their mommies!

In other news:  Canada, here we come!  I may not be posting too much for the next week, although I may try to sneak a quick picture from our trip on here every now and then.  We are taking the laptop and cords so that we can communicate with people (international calling is expensive!!) and load pictures to keep from filling up our memory card.  See ya in a week, eh?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Officially Cleared

I visited the urologist today and have been officially cleared to go to Canada!  He basically said there's not much they can do when you're 22 weeks pregnant, which I knew.  I just wanted to make sure my kidneys weren't going to shut down or anything.  But, I'm good to go and we'll just have to stop every five minutes every now and then to use the rest room.  Canada bound on Saturday (after Laura's wedding!!)  :)

Thankful Thursday the midst of all of this, I know I have a lot for which to be thankful.  I'm actually realizing it more and relishing in it, which is good for me.

I'm thankful that Abby moves around like crazy.  It may or may not be true, but I feel like her constant movement means that she is still able to move her neck around, which you have already read is really important.  I'm pretty sure she could still kick without neck mobility, but it makes me feel better.  I don't have to wait very long to feel her move. 

I'm thankful--as I often tell people--for our insurance.  Say what you want about our school system.  We have amazing insurance and I can't imagine facing the medical bills we will most likely have without it.  I've been making some calls about insurance benefits and they really do pay for a lot. 

Along the same lines, I'm thankful for AFLAC!!!  While some might wonder if we're trying to make money off our child's illness, that is so incredibly far from the truth!  If I'm going to be out of work for longer than we thought, I am going to need the money from AFLAC to supplement my income.  If I do go back to work as planned, we will bank the money for down the road in case Abby needs/wants a corrective surgery.

I'm thankful for supportive friends and family.  I've been able to have some awesome conversations with people and it's really nice to know that people are thinking of us.

I'm thankful for a cautious OB.  His first thought was that this was nothing, but sent us anyway just to be sure.  Turns out, a lot of people miss the small jaw and figure the baby was in a strange position.  They deliver at their regular hospital without any idea that their baby will have respiratory problesm.  I can't imagine if we didn't know ahead of time.

I'm thankful for time....time to research, time to digest, time to cry, time to accept.  Like I said, I can't imagine if we didn't know ahead of time.  (Of course, along with all of this "time" I have comes times to worry!  I have 4 more months of this!!!)

I'm thankful for peace.  God and I duked it out the other night, ending with a real feeling of peace and the first good night's sleep I'd had in a week.  I'm really doing okay....still worried, but okay. 

There are a whole lot more, but I'll stop here for now and save some for next week.  :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Top 5 Ways You Know Your Child Needs a Nap

5.  He cries when you get out to put gas in the car as if you're going to leave him forever.
4.  He kicks and flails his arms when you try to put him in the shopping cart.
3.  He tries to grab everything he can reach off of the shelves in the food aisles.
2.  He throws a major tantrum about going to the bathroom, then promptly announces that he needs to go potty almost as soon as you have left.

And the #1 way you know your child needs a nap....

1.  He screams, "I'M NOT TIRED!!!!" at the top of his lungs when you tell him it's time for his nap.

I guess after a morning of errands, a quick trip to Walmart was just a little too much to ask!  ;)

I Like This Song

What Faith Can Do

Everybody falls sometimes

You gotta find the strength to rise

From the ashes and make a new beginning

Anyone can feel the ache

You think it’s more than you can take

But you’re stronger, stronger than you know

And don’t you give up now

The sun will soon be shining

You gotta face the clouds

To find the silver lining

I’ve seen dreams that move the mountains

Hope that doesn’t ever end

Even when the sky is falling

I’ve seen miracles just happen

Silent prayers get answered

Broken hearts become brand new

That’s what faith can do

It doesn’t matter what you’ve heard

Impossible is not a word

It’s just a reason for someone not to try

Everybody’s scared to death

You may decide to take that step

Out on the water

But it’ll be all right

Life is so much more

Than what your eyes are seeing

You will find your way

If you keep believing

Overcome the odds

When you don’t have a chance

(That’s what faith can do)

When the world says you can’t

It will tell you that it can

(Repeat Chorus)


Monday, July 26, 2010

Last Week...This Week

Last week I was worried about a kidney stone.
This week I'm worried about the birth of my daughter.

Last week I was researching bed sets and infant clothes on Ebay.
This week I'm researching NICUs, newborn intubation, and insurance benefits.

Last week I spent an hour during nap time watching A Baby Story.
This week I spent an hour during nap time on the blog of a little girl with similar problems as Abby.

Last week I was lamenting that the itching was keeping me awake.
This week I can't get my brain to stop long enough to sleep.

Last week I was planning to deliver my baby at our local hospital with a doctor I love and trust.
This week I am accepting that I will be induced/C-sectioned with some of the best perinatologists in the area.

Last week I was fighting over beautifully smocked dresses with my sister.
This week I'm pouring over articles and information.

Last week I was looking forward to Canada as a restful vacation.
This week I'm depending on Canada to be a distraction.

Last week I was just saying how much easier this pregnancy is than Caleb's.
This week I'd give anything for it to be as easy as Caleb's.

What a difference a week makes, huh?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Emma Love

I'm pretty sure

These two

Are destined

To be married.

What do you think?

Saturday, July 24, 2010


I'm not sure who the creepy person is, but someone has left a few strange comments on my blog.  I have deleted them and changed my settings to only allow registered users to comment.  If you aren't a registered user, it's not difficult to do.  This will hopefully discourage the creepy person from leaving any more comments.  If I continue to have problems, I will make the blog private.

against a planner's nature

So much of the next 4 months is against my nature as a planner.  I like to know exactly what I'm doing and how to deal with it.  Well, this is very much a wait and see situation.  Needless to say, I don't like it!

This might be funny to you considering my general personality, but the one thing that I really don't like to plan is when I would go into labor.  I am an advocate for natural childbirth whenever possible and don't really mind the idea that I could go into labor at the grocery store.  So it makes me kind of sad to know that I won't have that experience again this time.  Instead, I'll wake up one morning in November, drive 1 1/2 hours to UMD-B, get an IV started, get hooked up to a bunch of machines, and either have a C-section or start a Pectosin drip.  It's not quite as fun and exciting as when I contracted irregularly all morning with Caleb, called Matt to come home, waited until my contractions were 4-5 minutes apart, waited even longer because I was worried that I would be sent home for false labor, drover 15 minutes to CMH, and was stoked to find out that I was 7 cm dialated already! 

But, such is life.  I'm glad I know now because it gives the planner in me lots of time to process and deal.

Yes, I know that it sounds totally backwards for me not to want to know the exact birth date of Abigail.  I'm weird.  I know.  :)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Abigail's Journey: Part 1

This series of posts is meant to keep family and friends updated on Abigail's medical journey.  We want to make sure that the information that is given out is accurate and keeps everyone in the loop.  Everything that we feel is important to share with you will be blogged.  If you see any posts titled, "Abigail's Journey," you'll know they relate to her medical care--both in utero and after birth.

So....deep goes...

We had our official OB sonogram on Monday and I left feeling a bit uneasy.  Our wonderful sonographer took a ton of pictures of Abby's head, and I felt like there was something wrong.  Matt assured me that it was just because Abby was in a weird position and it was hard to get the picture she needed.  Still, I felt that something wasn't quite right.

Turns out, my mother's intuition was right.  Tuesday evening, we got the call from my OB's office that Abby's jaw was measuring a bit small.  At this point, we had no idea what that meant and kind of felt like it was no big deal.  After all, I have a "small" jaw too--we'll get her braces!  They told us that they would make us an appointment for a level 2 sonogram at University of Maryland--Baltimore.  That evening, I researched the small jaw a bit on the internet (much to Matt's shagrine!) and found that a small jaw can actually be a bit of a problem.  The main concern at birth is respiratory problems, but eating can also be a problem for infants, which can cause more issues.  There some other things down the road that are sometimes in store, but we'll cross those bridges when we come to them!

We prayed very hard that night that we would get an appointment for this week because Matt will be leaving for another trip and then we will be going on vacation.  If we weren't able to be seen this week, I would have to go without him.  God answered that prayer and we were able to get an appointment for Thursday.  I'm not sure I would have made it through the grueling day without Matt.

The level 2 sonogram was absolutely amazing.  The sonographer took a picture of Abby when her arm was in the way, so she just deleted the arm!  Her head shot needed to be rotated a bit, so she just manuevered it!  Technology these days is really remarkable.  Plus, they had flat screen HD TVs on the wall so that you could see the sonogram on the big screen.  It's much easier than craining your neck to see the monitor!

The good news is that this extensive sonogram showed absolutely no chromosomal deformities and Abby's heart and brain look perfect.  There is no reason for them to believe that this is a genetic disorder or that she has any additional birth defects.

The sonogram did show that Abby has a significantly smaller-than-normal jaw/chin.  There are a lot of questions that will be answered as Abby continues to develop.  We will continue to go to UMD-B for monthly sonograms, where they will be watching Abby's neck mobility and amniotic fluid levels.  These are both indicators of more serious respiratory problems outside of the womb and will result in a C-section.  Depending on the severity of her breathing issues, Abby may be intubated and in the NICU.  Like I said, these are things that we will know more about as she develops.  We have been told that at this point in development, Abby is looking pretty good. We just want her to continue to develop properly over the next 4 months and be able to move that neck!!

Thankfully, my doctor will try very hard to avoid any surprises.  The sonograms should tell us how we need to proceed and what kind of delivery I can expect.  If Abby doesn't give us any reason to believe she will have respiratory problems, I can be induced and deliver naturally at UMD-B.  That is certainly what we will be hoping and praying for!!!  (Because of the concern for respiratory problems, the possibility of other problems not showing up on sonograms, and the necessity of having a NICU in the hospital, delivering at my local hospital is no longer an option.  I will stay with my OB for now until it gets closer to delivery, but I will deliver at UMD-B.)

Because of Abby's jaw deformity, she may look a bit different than you might expect.  Like everything else, we'll know more about her features over the next 4 months.  This is a tough piece of information for us as parents to swallow, but we are certain that our daughter will be beautiful and have an amazing spirit.  We just want everyone else to love her as much as we do and be able to see past the exterior.  This has probably been one of the toughest things for us to deal with because we know how cruel kids can be and are not looking forward to the the curious stares from people. 

So how can you pray for our family?  I'm so glad you asked!!  :)  Please pray that...
*  As Abby continues to develop, that her neck mobility continues to be good and that she will be able to move her head freely up, down, and side to side.  (This is super important!!)
*  Abby's breathing issues outside of the womb will be eliminated and that there will be no reason to intubate.
*  The doctors will have all of the information they need from the sonograms to make a knowledgeable decision about our delivery.
*  Matt and I will continue to digest this information and learn how to love our daughter in even deeper ways.
*  God will give us wisdom on how to handle the questions and comments that will come along with Abby's jaw deformity.

Naturally, this is not what we would want for our daughter.  Who would?  However, we know that there is a wonderful plan already set for her life and it's our job to support Abby and help her to fulfill that plan.  This girl was pretty special right from the beginning, so I know she won't lead an ordinary life! 

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

All is Right With the World




Can you tell???

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Stream of Consciousness

I can't think of anything wonderfully exciting to say and I am sad to admit that I haven't taken many pictures this week.  That's probably because I've been lacking the energy and feeling too much pain to put in the effort, but alas, it goes against my normal daily rituals of being at home.  I will try my best to remedy that this week and perhaps we'll do more exciting things this time.  Miss Abigail has been tap-dancing away in my belly.  I swear I didn't feel this much movement for weeks and weeks with Caleb, and not only is this girl waking me up around 4 a.m. every night, but she's putting on a visible dance show!  Craziness.  Dr. Strider said energetic babies in the womb come out very calm and sweet.  Let's hope so!  :)  Seriously though, I love this girl so much.  What is it about a girl that gets me all worked up and emotional all of the time?  I have no idea.  If this blubbering mess I've become is any indication of how I'll be with her, we'll be in trouble.  I can't wait for Matt to get home and officially "meet" his girl for the first time.  Caleb talks to her all of the time and is so funny when he "shows" her his tricks (forward rolls, turning into Batman, etc.)  It's very cute.  I have put a watch on a crib set on E-bay that I absolutely love.  It is a handmade set from a boutique (new without tags, not that a gently used set would bother me) in CA wine country, and I just think it's so pretty.  I haven't found anything else that even comes close to it.  Why does every girl set have to be PINK?????  Well, okay, not EVERY girl set, because this one is purple so that makes me happy.  The crib set has a few more days before the posting goes off, and any good E-bayer knows that waiting to bid until the last minute is the smartest thing to do so that people don't have time to outbid you.  My plan is to get this all for less than $100.  I always set a bid limit and am pretty good about sticking to it.  Otherwise, you can get caught up in a bidding war and get a bit carried away.  I have to admit that I'll be pretty darn heart broken if I don't get it.  :(  We'll see.  No one has bid on it yet (here's hoping there aren't other smart E-bayers like me waiting until the last minute!) so maybe it will be destined to be Abigail's.  Matt is coming home today and I've missed him.  It's been a long week, although the second half of the week has been much better than the first.  I kind of think that finding out the gender has helped with that.  I don't know if it's an unconscious sensitivity now on Caleb's part, or that he realizes he won't have competition with his toys, or that now there's a real girl in my belly or what, but he has been much kinder and gentler since Wednesday.  Thank goodness!  I definitely need to plan some activities for the second week Matt is gone.  I don't really have anything planned and I've done a lot of my summer cleaning tasks this week.  It will seem so much longer if I don't have activities to keep us busy.  Of course, having Jenn and Emma over this week sure didn't keep Caleb from putting on a display, but it usually helps him to behave better when we have people over.  We'll just chalk that up to him waking up at 4:30 a.m. that morning and staying up!  Maybe I can plan a shopping trip with my mom that week so that I can hunt for some good deals for my Abby! 

Wow...I have written up a storm.  Do you see all of the stuff that goes through my brain?!  No wonder I can't sleep at night.  Well, that...and the itching...and the kidney stone pain...and the tap dancing...(but that I don't mind as much as the others, because I would much prefer an active baby!)  Yay for Matt coming home!!!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Girl Transformation

I found out that we were having an Abby on Wednesday.  Since then, I've totally had shopping on the brain!  It's funny how having a girl can send you over the edge!  I'm trying to be smart and not blow the budget, so I'm choosing carefully and checking out some E-bay deals. 

These are two of the crib sets I'm considering.  The first one is my favorite because it's not pink.  :)

This morning, Caleb and I headed to SMILE (a thrift store) and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they were having a 1/2 off sale on all clothes!  I found 7 pieces + a little toy for Caleb for $2.25!!!  All of the items were name-brand (Carters, Janie and Jack, etc.) and I got a very cute light-weight jacket.  It was definitely a success!

I'm not a huge fan of pink, and it seems like every baby girl item is pink. I don't mind if there is pink in the outfit, but I don't particularly care for an entire pink outfit.  I also don't like lace and toule.  I've always been a bit of a tom-boy, but I'm not going to dress Abigail in jeans and tshirts!  She can be feminine without an entire wardrobe full of pink!  Who knows, that might change soon as I continue to shop for this little girl with whom I'm already in love!

Yeah, she's basically sent this already hormonal and emotional girl over the edge.  I cry whenever I think of how God has blessed our family.  (Yep, crying now!) 

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


...Abigail Elizabeth Leach!

I had a sonogram today to check out my kidneys and make sure my stones aren't causing a blockage.  Turns out, they needed to check the baby to make sure it wasn't in distress.  Of course, I couldn't resist asking about the gender!!

She hid her face the whole time, peeking out every now and then but not long enough to get a clear picture.

Peace out, Momma!  I love this one.  :)

I think she might be sucking her thumb, but I couldn't tell for sure. 

Nope, not gonna let you see my face!  (The sonographer tried soooo hard and took 11 pictures!!)

AND, the girl parts!  The sonographer was pretty certain!

Because the scheduler originally told me that they couldn't do an OB sono and a kidney sono at the same time (turns out they can!), we actually have our OB sono on Monday.  Matt will be home for this one, so he'll get to see Abigail dancing around on the screen too!  They'll do all of the measurements then and we'll get more pictures, so hopefully she'll show her face more then!  I loved my sonographer and would love to have her again.  She was really sweet and so excited for me!  Needless to say, we are thrilled with our little girl.  <3

Thankful Thursday

Needless to say, I'm thankful for the little girl that has been dancing around in my belly!  I'm pretty sure she's going to be a tap dancer! :)


"Admittedly, a tough-minded kid is tougher to raise and at times may push you right to the edge.  That wonderful assertiveness and determination will be an asset when your child is grown.  That irritating temperament was a gift from God, and He makes no mistakes.  You should also recognize that these kids often possess a certain strength of character that will help them grab the opportunities that come their way.  When they make up their minds to reach for something, they are likely to stay with it until the goal is achieved."  --Dr. Dobson, The Strong-Willed Child

Something to ponder.  :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rainbow Crayons

I love being crafty with Caleb.  One fun craft we have done is make rainbow crayons.  To make them, simply take broken crayons, make sure they are in small pieces (A whole crayon should be split into 4 or more pieces) and put them in a cupcake tin.  I have done stars and hearts (I bought the heart one on clearance after Valentine's Day!!) but the hearts were much easier because it was silicone. 

I let Caleb decide which pieces he wants in each cup.  We fill each one about 2/3 of the way up with crayon pieces and make sure that each one has a mixture of light and dark crayons.  I've also seen where you make each one a solid color, but I like the rainbow effect more.

Put the tin in the oven on a low setting (I did 275 degrees) and let the crayons melt.  This usually only takes about 5-7 minutes. 

Take them out of the oven and let them cool completely.  Don't try to pop them out until they are totally cool or they will crack (learned that the hard way!) 

When you've popped them all out, you have some totally fun rainbow crayons!  Caleb gave these out as valentines last year (we did stars then, but I plan to do hearts this year) and they really do work pretty well.

It's an easy, fun, and functional craft that is easy for kiddos to do.  Enjoy!


I am reading The Strong-Willed Child by Dr. Dobson and am learning a lot.  First, I realized that he must have met Caleb somewhere along the line, because he described him to a tee!  :)

I'm also getting some good ideas about discipline from it.  With a strong-willed child, counting to three (like everyone pretty much does) just gives them an excuse not to listen until you get to 2 1/2!  That is sooo Caleb.  He does whatever it is he was supposed to do riiiiiiiight before I get to 3 to avoid punishment.  Dr. Dobson made the point that if you want him to do something, he should do it the first time you ask.  I will still give a reminder (he is 3) but I'm trying really hard not to count.  I have caught myself several times!

There are some areas of the book that I'm skimming/skipping (I don't need to read about adolescence yet...I'll just save the book until then and read that section when the time comes!), but as a whole I've found it useful.

The big thing I'm trying to remind myself is that this strong will that I'm trying to reign in will also be helpful in life.  At times, I have had to repeat that many times!  :)

I love my boy and really want to learn how to get him to obey without crushing his spirit.  He's been giving me plenty of opportunities to learn.... :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

32 Things I Love About Daddy Caleb

***Matt will be off on an adventure on his 32nd birthday, so Caleb--with a little help from me--wrote a list of 32 things he loves about him!

32.  He gives me grace sometimes when I have been bad.
31.  It's fun when he sets off fire works.
30.  He cuts the grass.
29.  Daddy puts together my Trick Tracks and plays cars with me.
28.  He does all of the boy jobs like taking out the trash.
27.  He lets me watch tennis.
26.  I like when he is the commissioner and I am Batman.
25.  He watches lots and lots and lots of sports.
24.  We watch cartoons together.
23.  He reads me books.
22.  It's really fun when we wrestle.
21.  I like doing the Head-Sit Manuever on him!
20.  We play Batman when Daddy is Mr. Freeze or the Joker.
19.  Daddy plays games with me.
18.  He teaches me how to play golf.
17.  He's big.
16.  He lets me help him clean up.
15.  He likes cookies.
14.  Daddy takes care of Nemo with me.
13.  I love that he is silly.
12.  Daddy helps me see what I have to see.
11.  He gives me rides on his shoulders.
10.  Daddy tickles me a lot!
9.    He lets Mommy sleep in.
8.    Daddy sings songs.
7.    He calls me Bubba.
6.    He lets me play on his trumpet.
5.    He plays Legos, even though he doesn't like them.
4.    We water the flowers together.
3.    He has a good imagination.
2.    He gave me a little baby in Momma's tummy.
1.    He loves me and is the best Daddy in the whole wide world!

I love you Daddy!  I will miss you on your birthday.  So will Mommy!  Have fun with the kids and happy birthday!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Caleb's Door

Remember how I was painting Caleb's door with magnetic paint?  Well, here's the final product!

I'm really happy with how it turned out.  The twine that is hanging the sign is just temporary until I can get some clear fishing line.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The View From Here

These were taken from my front porch this morning.  I have never been so incredibly thankful for rain!!

The ground just soaked in the water.

Sweet raindrops!

Venturing out into the down-pour.  Notice my shameless avoidance of watering my hanging baskets today!

A little dancing in the rain in their pajamas never hurt anyone!

Close examination of a flower petal.

Caleb is thankful for the rain too!

It wasn't just a quick shower either.  It was fairly steady for most of the day and you can see the happiness all over my perked-up flowers!!!

Friday, July 9, 2010


A friend and former colleague of mine lost her husband very suddenly early this morning of a heart attack.  This is a young father of two who loves the gym and is extremely athletic, so he really wasn't one who would normally be at a risk of a heart attack.  My heart goes out to her and her sweet family.  She has a 7 year old boy and a 3 year old girl, and I can't imagine how they are feeling right now.  Please pray for them in this extremely difficult time.  It is making me seriously appreciate my husband.

News Flash

I'm tired and dizzy today.  I think all of the work I've been doing has caught up with me and my body is saying, hey, you are pregnant, you know!  Slow down a little!  So today I'm going to drink lots of liquids and try to rest.  We're also going to spend some good quality time with Daddy before he leave tomorrow, but he is currently at the car dealership trying to get our AC fixed in the van.  Yay for warranties!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Today I'm thankful for air conditioning and sprinklers so that we can beat this ridiculous heat wave we've been having!!!  My poor 8 months pregnant sister has to get a whole new unit and it may be more than a week before they're cool again.  UGH!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I just finished painting Caleb's closet door with magnetic paint.  He has a magnet collection and we thought it would cool to have it in his room.  Since the paint is black and it would be hard to get the door white again, I decided to paint it navy blue.  I ordered this sign and am hoping that it will add to the room!

Wordlss Wednesday

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


We went to a Build-A-Bear party on Monday for Caleb's friend...Caleb!  It was lots of fun!

Listening to the person's directions before they get started.

Stuffing his puppy

Brushing the dog and getting him nice and soft!

The Calebs were really into the cleaning!

Bat Dog, Woody, and Bunny :)

Monday, July 5, 2010

I Made It!

I made it through my challenge week....and I only cried twice!  :)  Matt said I'm his hero. 

Some of the highlights of our week:

*  The kids made stools at VBS, so we painted them outside.  Caleb chose yellow (shocker), Sara had pink and blue, and Owen decided on all blue.

*  Caleb and Sara "jumped" off the diving board (sat on the edge, held Ms. Kandi's hands and slid off) on Friday!  A snow cone promise will do it every time...

*  VBS raised $1,875.00 for the Calvert Churches Community Food Pantry! 

*  Erin, Scott, and Emma came to visit for the weekend.  Caleb had fun playing with Emma and was sad that he didn't get to say goodbye when they left early Monday morning.

*  We spent most of Saturday as an entire Leach family unit, which doesn't happen too often since half of the Leaches moved to NC.  We had lots of laughs at poor Ezra's expense (there's something about a two year old in a half-body cast that just makes him the brunt of a lot of the jokes!)  Homemade pizza and fireworks are always fun!

*  After church on Sunday, we went to a Robertson family party for the 4th of July.  They had lots of water activities for the kids, and Caleb especially liked playing with a 5-year-old cousin named Christian.  They played Batman and Spiderman most of the day.

I am looking forward to the non-busy-ness of this week before Matt leaves on Saturday.  I'm planning some activities for next week to keep Caleb from missing Daddy (which translates to bad behavior!), but I'm purposely keeping this week open to just relax!  Yay!!!

Side Note:  Sonogram in T-13 days!!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Owen, My Hero!

Caleb has become quite brave in the pool in his puddle jumper.  He will jump off the side and swim just about anywhere on his own.  Tuesday, we were at Uncle Tom's pool for a little while after swim lessons, and he decided he wanted his swim ring instead.  I was adding a little extra air to it and made Caleb sit on the step.  Welp, the boy forgot he wasn't wearing his puddle jumper and jumped right on in! 

It was one of those surreal moments.  I could see his wide eyes, but the way I was holding the ring, I couldn't get out to get him. 

Thankfully, my quick-thinking nephew grabbed him and pulled him up.  Good job, Owen!!

Dare Devil, of course, just laughed and thought the whole thing was hysterical.

And this is exactly why I will never, ever, EVER go to the pool on my own with kids!