Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mommy Milk

The other day, I was watching TLC's A Baby Story when Caleb came down from his nap.  There was a woman on there who was nursing (tactfully--you can't see anything at all), and Caleb asked what she was doing.  I told him the baby was eating and he asked where the bottle was. I told him that his mommy gives him milk from her body, to which he asked if Abby was going to eat from my belly when she was born (I just let the body-belly thing go because I didn't feel like going into all of that...).  I explained that Abby was going to eat from a bottle so that Daddy and Caleb could help feed her.  Of course, he then had a miriad of questions about how the baby gets milk from her belly and all that. 

Amy, all I have to say is that you'd better get one of those nursing blankets that hooks around your neck, because this boy is all-kinds-of-interested in how babies get milk from their mommies!

In other news:  Canada, here we come!  I may not be posting too much for the next week, although I may try to sneak a quick picture from our trip on here every now and then.  We are taking the laptop and cords so that we can communicate with people (international calling is expensive!!) and load pictures to keep from filling up our memory card.  See ya in a week, eh?

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My 3 kids said...

Thanks for the heads up. This time around I will have 3 interested kids. Before owen could care less. We've talked about Mommy milk before, so we'll see! Some babies eat different than others will be my stance, I guess. We'll try the bottle too, but you know how that worked out with Sara, LOL