Monday, July 12, 2010

32 Things I Love About Daddy Caleb

***Matt will be off on an adventure on his 32nd birthday, so Caleb--with a little help from me--wrote a list of 32 things he loves about him!

32.  He gives me grace sometimes when I have been bad.
31.  It's fun when he sets off fire works.
30.  He cuts the grass.
29.  Daddy puts together my Trick Tracks and plays cars with me.
28.  He does all of the boy jobs like taking out the trash.
27.  He lets me watch tennis.
26.  I like when he is the commissioner and I am Batman.
25.  He watches lots and lots and lots of sports.
24.  We watch cartoons together.
23.  He reads me books.
22.  It's really fun when we wrestle.
21.  I like doing the Head-Sit Manuever on him!
20.  We play Batman when Daddy is Mr. Freeze or the Joker.
19.  Daddy plays games with me.
18.  He teaches me how to play golf.
17.  He's big.
16.  He lets me help him clean up.
15.  He likes cookies.
14.  Daddy takes care of Nemo with me.
13.  I love that he is silly.
12.  Daddy helps me see what I have to see.
11.  He gives me rides on his shoulders.
10.  Daddy tickles me a lot!
9.    He lets Mommy sleep in.
8.    Daddy sings songs.
7.    He calls me Bubba.
6.    He lets me play on his trumpet.
5.    He plays Legos, even though he doesn't like them.
4.    We water the flowers together.
3.    He has a good imagination.
2.    He gave me a little baby in Momma's tummy.
1.    He loves me and is the best Daddy in the whole wide world!

I love you Daddy!  I will miss you on your birthday.  So will Mommy!  Have fun with the kids and happy birthday!

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