Monday, July 5, 2010

I Made It!

I made it through my challenge week....and I only cried twice!  :)  Matt said I'm his hero. 

Some of the highlights of our week:

*  The kids made stools at VBS, so we painted them outside.  Caleb chose yellow (shocker), Sara had pink and blue, and Owen decided on all blue.

*  Caleb and Sara "jumped" off the diving board (sat on the edge, held Ms. Kandi's hands and slid off) on Friday!  A snow cone promise will do it every time...

*  VBS raised $1,875.00 for the Calvert Churches Community Food Pantry! 

*  Erin, Scott, and Emma came to visit for the weekend.  Caleb had fun playing with Emma and was sad that he didn't get to say goodbye when they left early Monday morning.

*  We spent most of Saturday as an entire Leach family unit, which doesn't happen too often since half of the Leaches moved to NC.  We had lots of laughs at poor Ezra's expense (there's something about a two year old in a half-body cast that just makes him the brunt of a lot of the jokes!)  Homemade pizza and fireworks are always fun!

*  After church on Sunday, we went to a Robertson family party for the 4th of July.  They had lots of water activities for the kids, and Caleb especially liked playing with a 5-year-old cousin named Christian.  They played Batman and Spiderman most of the day.

I am looking forward to the non-busy-ness of this week before Matt leaves on Saturday.  I'm planning some activities for next week to keep Caleb from missing Daddy (which translates to bad behavior!), but I'm purposely keeping this week open to just relax!  Yay!!!

Side Note:  Sonogram in T-13 days!!!

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