Wednesday, September 24, 2008

cute story

I couldn't include this in the same post as the previous mournful one, so I decided to just write another.

When I was changing Caleb for bed tonight, I was singing "Skidamarink" to him. He was singing along, and at the end where it goes, "IIIII LOOOOOVE YOOOOOU!!!!!!!!!!" I sang "I love..." and stopped after "love." He sang out really loud "MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!" It was quite cute. So cute, in fact, that I had to sing it again and dance around with him....which did nothing but stir him up and make him oh so not ready for bed!

If I have learned anything from the events of the last few weeks, it is to make the most of all of those little moments I have with Caleb. I will tell you that I have sat by his crib several nights stroking his face and crying for my friend. You do not truly know how to love until you have a child, and I can't imagine how I would ever be able to face losing Caleb. I really do love him more each day.


Matt told me today that a woman from our church had her baby on Monday. He said it in a way that I had to ask, "Is this more bad news?" The baby was only 4lb 11oz and was sent home Tuesday night. When they went in this morning to check on him, he wasn't breathing. The family is, of course, devastated. We don't know a lot of details about why he was so little or why the doctors released him, but I'm sure we'll find out more in the weeks to come. She goes to the same pediatricians my sister and I both go to and I feel very confident in their professional judgement. They would never knowingly send a sick baby home, so I am sure they felt that he was healthy. Still, it is sad...

I am seriously considering not having anymore children after all of this in such a short amount of time. Seriously.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

too much sadness....

As you read in a previous post, my friend just lost her little boy Parker. The funeral was on Friday, and it was heartwrenching, to put it mildly.

Since then, I was shown a blog done by the wife of a friend of mine from college. They have gotten some difficult news about their son and are preparing for the worst as they near the date of their C-section. Reading their blog, there is just so much hope and thankfulness! I don't see how I could ever be thankful about a situation like this, but they definitely are. I'm not downplaying the fact that they are heart broken over all of this, but they are finding joy in sorrow.

To top all of that off, Matt came in with some difficult news from our wonderful next-door neighbor. His daughter, who has already lost one set of twins to pre-term labor, is only 20 weeks pregnant and is in the hospital again. She is having serious complications and the doctors are just hoping that they can keep the babies (twins again!) in for another 6 to 8 weeks.

It is amazing to me how God will use something so near and dear to my heart (children/babies/losing someone you love) to teach me something. I am becoming more and more thankful for Caleb and reveling in the joys that I get to experience with him. It truly is a miracle to have a baby, and I am realizing that more and more. I am trying very hard not to take for granted all of the little "moments" I have with him.

So...please pray for a couple of things: pray for Spencer (my friend from college ) and his wife Stacy. They are still praying for a miracle and so am I. Pray for Karen and Chris (my friends who lost their son last week), and pray for the Price family (pre-term labor).

I'm not sure I can take any more bad news regarding children!

The Potty Man

Caleb LOVES to go potty! I have never heard a potty training story like this one....Caleb tells us when he needs to go, we take his diaper off, and he goes! Now, is it perfect? No, not at all! We aren't trying to potty train at at all, but we figure every time he goes is one less diaper we have to change! The only time we consistantly put him on the potty is when we give him a bath (he always pees in the tub, so we know he needs to go!) He almost always goes on the potty now instead of the tub though. When he's not "really" going potty, he's pretending to go potty! He's such a funny kid!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


A friend of mine was carrying twins (a boy and a girl) and was due to have a C-section this week. To make a long story short, the cord got wrapped around the boy's throat and he didn't make it. The little girl is fine--beautiful, in fact! She weighed nearly 6 pounds, which is quite a feat for a baby 4 weeks early!

I just can't imagine how they are feeling right now. I mean, on one hand, you are excited to have a beautiful, healthy little girl. On the other hand, her birthday is going to haunt you forever. While most people are looking forward to bringing their baby home and leaving the uncomfortable hospital, they didn't even want to think of the idea.

I can't pretend to understand how they are feeling because I don't know. Thank the Lord that I don't! So, I'm doing the only thing I feel like I can there to help out. We visited them in the hospital last weekend and Matt is taking dinner over tomorrow. None of that seems like it will do anything to help them feel better though. I am praying that this will allow us to become better friends and that God will use me....but I just don't know how right now! If anyone has dealt with something like this before and has thoughts on what to say, I would love to hear them. I don't want to ignore his existence, but I also don't want to cause my friend more pain right now. Where is the line?

The funeral is on Friday and I will be there crying right along with them. My heart is so heavy.

Friday, September 12, 2008


Today was a staff development day, and a small group of us were having a meeting in my classroom to discuss this book we are reading about our reading/language arts structure. We're reading a section to ourselves and it is completely silent....until I discover something pretty awful.

My rules are posted on a long, thin bulletin board across the chalk board. The title says "Give Me Five!" (as in 5 rules) and there is a big hand underneath holding up 5 fingers. I have been in this room for 3 years and have kept this up every year (I just cover it up in the summer). Well, I guess that some of the staples have come loose on the hand or something, because all of the fingers but one were flopped down. Yes, the large hand on my bulletin board was flicking everybody off!

Of course, I started laughing hysterically, totally breaking the silence. My friend Courtney looked at me rather quizzically, since she is normally the one to cause trouble! I pointed and she started cracking up too. By now, we are both dying and have totally ruined the mood. We point it out to the rest of the group and it's just over for everybody. I laughed so hard that my eyes started watering and I lost my contact in my left eye!

The worst part is that they were taking yearbook pictures yesterday...let's just hope that doesn't show up in a picture.... :^O

Thursday, September 11, 2008

an interesting day

I teach honors reading. Just keep that in mind as you read the next four short clips of conversations I had today. This is the cream of the crop here, folks!

* We were discussing 9-11 and how the soldiers are still fighting for our freedom. One kid raises his hand and says, "Aren't we fighting with the Germans?" No....that was in WWII....

* There was a vocabulary quiz today and one of the words was "resigned." A girl raises her hand and asks, "Can you tell me what 'resigned' means? I don't understand it." She was very upset when I replied that it would kind of defeat the purpose of the vocabulary quiz if I told her the meaning of the word.

* One of my more "energetic" boys had to go to the bathroom, but the pass was gone. He begins jumping up and down holding himself screaming, "I gotta go poooootty! I gotta go pooooootty!" What, are you 3? You are 10 years old. Grow up and hold it!

* A girl brought me a book she was especially interested in and says, "Mrs. Leach, this book is just getting gooder and gooder!" When I said, "Do you mean better and better?" she replied, "Sure, whatever."

*sigh* It is going to be a long year!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Yesterday, I got Caleb out of his crib in the morning and he said very plainly, "Mamma, I need to go pee pee." Now, we have 2 potties and we have been letting him explore it a bit. We have NOT been trying to push the potty idea at all though because he is only 20 months old! Well, since I was already drying my hair in Caleb's bathroom (Matt was still asleep), I figured that it wouldn't hurt to just take his diaper off and put him on the potty. Well....he went! Just like that! It was amazing!! Of course, my reaction made Caleb get this smug "yeah, I'm cool!" look on his face. Then we went in to wake up Daddy with the good news! We still aren't potty training or anything, but that is one less diaper I have to change!! :)

Other Caleb news: his vocabulary is seriously increasing by the hour! Today as Matt was reading him his My Big World book, Caleb identified a dolphin and a whale by name without any prompting! After Matt showed him a koala bear and had him say it, he was able to identify it by name (over an hour later) with me! I absolutely love this age (most of the time...) because you can literally watch the light bulb go off daily! It is so fun!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Battening down the hatches

As we prepare for high winds and crazy amounts of rain tonight/tomorrow as Hanna makes her way up the coast, I wanted to share a funny little story with you from this morning!

I said my goodbyes to my boys and was heading out the door when Matt called "Bye, Baby!" (nothing new or odd!) This was quickly echoed though by another higher pitched "Bye, Baby!" from my 1 1/2 year old son! Matt and I about died laughing!

So since I may not have internet for a few days, I figured I would leave you with that!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My kid hates band-aids

Caleb fell on the pavement today when we were playing outside. No gushing blood, no visible bone....just a tiny scrape on his knee with a tiny amount of blood. If you were one of my neighbors, you would have expected to see his head cracked open or something by the way he screamed and howled! I carried him inside and put a band-aid on it.

WRONG IDEA!!! Obviously, you can no longer walk if there is a band-aid on your knee, so Caleb just stood their with his knee lifted up (balancing on one foot---impressive!) and absolutely FREAKING out! Not just crying---absolutely dying. It was worse than when he put the mask on his face to put him to sleep before his surgery, and that was pretty darn horrible.

I tried to get him to come to me for a little affection and he wouldn't even do that! I finally carried him up to the bathtub, took off the hated band-aid and got him started in a bath to calm him down. I think the whole ordeal tired him out because right after his bath (at only 7 p.m.) he started saying "Mama, I want to go night-night!" So....the whiny boy went to bed early tonight by his own request! :)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Baltimore Zoo

We went to the Baltimore Zoo today (Labor Day), and we had a great time! We got there about 1/2 an hour after it opened and basically spent the entire day there. We saw penguins, polar bears, chimps, birds, crocodiles, lions....all kinds of animals! There was an entire loop that was called the children's zoo. It was very kid-friendly and even included a petting zoo. Caleb got to brush the goats and went down a big tree slide (over and over and over again!) There were a bunch of moving bridges that he liked a lot too. Of course, his favorite part of the entire day...riding a toy tractor in the children's zoo area! Yes, as a matter of fact, he does have a toy tractor at home!

You were allowed to feed the giraffes for a fee, but it was just one little branch with a couple of leaves. We decided against doing that, but we were still able to stand right there and watch them. Giraffes have huge tongues!!
My favorite part of the day was riding the camel!! Today was the last day for camel rides (the guy was loading up the trucks and taking them back to the farm in Missouri tomorrow) so it must have been fate!! Matt had no desire to ride it, but this definitely fulfilled a life-long dream for me. My only complaint was that it was too short of a ride! I'm not sure that Caleb enjoyed it too much. He wrapped his arm around mine and gripped the metal safety bar in absolute SILENCE! He never really showed any interest at all, which leads us to believe that he wasn't too excited about it! Caleb is pretty vocal about what he likes, so for him not to say anything generally means he didn't like it.

We brought lunch with us and ate at the picnic tables they have there. It was actually really nice to bring lunch and a whole lot cheaper! Matt thought that the cooler was a pain to bring along, but I didn't mind. (That's probably because I wasn't the one pushing the stroller with the cooler in it!) :)

We discovered that Caleb can identify (without help) and say the names of a lot more animals than we realized: camel, penguin, giraffe, zebra, elephant, lion, monkey, tiger, turtle, fish, bird, owl...I think those were the ones we saw today that he knows. Of course, he also knows the basic farm and domestic animals as well! His vocabulary is literally expanding by the minute!

It was a really fun day and a nice way to say an official farewell to summer--even though mine ended several weeks ago! Caleb is definitely at the age where he can really enjoy things like this now. We are looking forward to more interesting excursions soon. I would really like to check out Port Discovery because I think that would be right up Caleb's alley. Fun times!