Wednesday, September 24, 2008

cute story

I couldn't include this in the same post as the previous mournful one, so I decided to just write another.

When I was changing Caleb for bed tonight, I was singing "Skidamarink" to him. He was singing along, and at the end where it goes, "IIIII LOOOOOVE YOOOOOU!!!!!!!!!!" I sang "I love..." and stopped after "love." He sang out really loud "MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!" It was quite cute. So cute, in fact, that I had to sing it again and dance around with him....which did nothing but stir him up and make him oh so not ready for bed!

If I have learned anything from the events of the last few weeks, it is to make the most of all of those little moments I have with Caleb. I will tell you that I have sat by his crib several nights stroking his face and crying for my friend. You do not truly know how to love until you have a child, and I can't imagine how I would ever be able to face losing Caleb. I really do love him more each day.

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