Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday Funny

Caleb's treat for the day at our second day at Magic Kingdom??


A cookie the size of his face!  
After this, we put stipulations on what the treat could be!  This monster was nibbled away at even after we got home.  It stayed fresh in a Lock and Lock container, of course. :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


I want to share a poem that was written by another VEPTR Child.   It's fitting that this was shared tonight, since Abby found out about her next big surgery today (to put the two long rods in) and cried off and on all night.  She was so sad about the whole thing and even told me her heart was broken. :(. I liked it better when she just looked forward to visiting the playroom. 

While this boy's reason for needing veptrs is different than Abby's, the number of surgeries, the constant pain, the frequent doctors' visits, and the limitations are very much the same.


Scoliosis is the name
Surgeries and braces are the game

Doctors appointments throughout the year
Most of them brought me to tears 

Missing school which I did a lot
Was always hard but give up I did not  

Surgeries were always the scary part 
Being away from my family broke my heart

My teachers and classmates made me feel good 
Knowing what I went through showed they understood

I don't get to do what all the other kids do  
But I don't let that stop me I am a kid too

I am special my spine is made of steel 
The hard part about this is how it feels 

Scoliosis surgeries are not fun 
I am just glad I am almost done.

By: Jojo 
From: Alabama

Family Photos at the Magic Kingdom

One of the "extras" from Make a Wish and Give Kids the World was the Memory Maker package.  This was awesome!!  I got over 700 professional pictures taken, in addition to all of the pictures I took myself.  

In addition to getting all of the ride pictures, we could get pictures taken by any of the professional photographers who walk around.  They are at all of the big photo op places too, so we took full advantage of them--especially when it involved the castle!

When you view your pictures, they often have characters photobombing your pictures.  I thought this one was cute, especially since she was Elsa!

We really wanted to get one of the ice castle with Abby dressed as Elsa, but they turned it off for the fireworks just as we stepped up to get our picture taken.

But our photographer did catch these two super cool fireworks pictures, which I think is pretty darn cool!

We finally did get pictures in front of the ice castle during our second day at Magic Kingdom.

Memory Maker is expensive--not gonna lie.  If I ever happened upon an amazing online deal or something, I think I would definitely do it again.  It's worth it to have all of those awesome professional pictures!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Photo Booth Fun

Photo booths were included in our photo package, so we took advantage of them!  One of the booths was in the gift shop next to Space Mountain, so most of these were taken while we were waiting for Caleb and whoever he was with to finish the ride!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Castle Views

I have always loved Cinderella's Castle!

My Huck Finn

At the Magic Kingdom, Huck Finn's Island is a really neat place to explore.  Caleb absolutely loved it!  

It's not the least bit handicapped accessible with lots of tree roots, rocks, and uneven ground, so Abby had a really hard time getting around.  Matt and Abby ended up staying on the front porch and played checkers while Caleb and I explored.

The rope bridges were pretty neat and made for good pictures

There were a bunch of little cabins you could go through,and some had cannons and shot guns!  You could "shoot" the guns, which of course, Caleb loved.  If you asked me, he got a little too excited over shooting the poor folks on Mine Train though!  It was kind of sniperish!

There were lots of caves as well, and some of them had jewels in them.  Caleb was a little nervous to go down in them at first, but he got braver as we went on.  One of the caves was very dark and super clausterphobia showed a bit in that one, and I hightailed it out of there!

This was a really neat place to go, and Caleb could have spent the rest of the day exploring it!  My favorite part was getting to hang out one-on-one with my boy a little.  :)