Thursday, September 11, 2008

an interesting day

I teach honors reading. Just keep that in mind as you read the next four short clips of conversations I had today. This is the cream of the crop here, folks!

* We were discussing 9-11 and how the soldiers are still fighting for our freedom. One kid raises his hand and says, "Aren't we fighting with the Germans?" No....that was in WWII....

* There was a vocabulary quiz today and one of the words was "resigned." A girl raises her hand and asks, "Can you tell me what 'resigned' means? I don't understand it." She was very upset when I replied that it would kind of defeat the purpose of the vocabulary quiz if I told her the meaning of the word.

* One of my more "energetic" boys had to go to the bathroom, but the pass was gone. He begins jumping up and down holding himself screaming, "I gotta go poooootty! I gotta go pooooootty!" What, are you 3? You are 10 years old. Grow up and hold it!

* A girl brought me a book she was especially interested in and says, "Mrs. Leach, this book is just getting gooder and gooder!" When I said, "Do you mean better and better?" she replied, "Sure, whatever."

*sigh* It is going to be a long year!