Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Imagination Movers Photo Recap

Seriously, The Imagination Movers were so much fun!  They played lots of their own music, with some classic rock mixed in for the adults.  There were also quite a few jokes and references to Baltimore, which was kind of fun.  

The whole night centered around this robot named Rock-o-Matic, or "Rocko."  

This is Mover Scott, and he wears Wobble Goggles that help him see new ideas.  Caleb and Abby have a pair of goggles too.  :)

There are 4 main Movers that are part of the TV show, but they have 2 extra movers to play instruments and do back-up vocals in their live tour.

Abby finished up her feed before the show started so that she would be free to dance!

My dancing queen did NOT want to sit in my lap.  The row in front of us was empty, and that is where she stood almost the entire show--dancing the night away.

My Imagination Movers 

Caleb did his share of singing and dancing too.  He knows most of the words to the songs, so he was having a great time singing along! 

You can hear a little of "The Mother in You," a special song for Mother's Day.  :)

The whole concert was fabulous, and the smiles on my kids' faces were worth every penny.  It was definitely one to write down in the memory book.

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