Saturday, May 12, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Day

I'll admit it.  I have developed a Pinterest problem.  As much as I try not to get sucked in, the wonderfully crafty ideas are just too much for me to handle!

So I went right to Pinterest to look for some gifts for Teacher Appreciation Day.  We have a lot of teachers these days:  Caleb's 4 teachers, Abby's 3 therapists, and her 3 nurses.  They're all teachers in their own way, and we like to say thank you with little gifts every now and then.

For Caleb's teachers and Abby's therapists, I made Emergency Chocolate pull-tab cans based on this post.  I found this quite some time ago and have been saving the tin cans that Caleb's mandarin oranges come in ever since!  The pull-tab stays in tact because you open the can of oranges from the bottom using a can opener!  Cool, huh?

I typed up a little narrative explaining when the chocolate was to be case of emergency only!  Abby's and Caleb's are slightly different.

"The contents of this can are to be used purely for the treatment of stress caused by Abby.  When her sassiness and stubborn nature become overwhelming, simply hide in the nearest closet, pull the tab, and consume immediately."

"The contents of this can are to be used purely for the treatment of stress caused by Caleb.  When his arguing and stubbornness become overwhelming, simply hide under the closest table, pull the tab, and consume immediately." 

The hardest part was gluing the bottom lid back on, but I got better after I did a few.  Actually, I ended up redoing my first couple of cans because I figured out a better way to do them!  I covered each can with scrapbook paper and tied a tag to the top with some decorative ribbons.  Voila!

For Abby's nurses, I found a great, extremely easy recipe for a sugar scrub.  I thought this would be nice for them since all of the hand washing and hand sanitizer makes their hands dry and rough.  

All I did was buy Dawn with Oil of Olay Hand Renewal (it's pink, has lots of moisturizers, and smells really good!) and a bag of sugar.  Actually, I used the sugar I had and bought a new bag to replace it! 

I put the scrub in a small Lock and Lock container (no, they weren't used!!), but I could easily use a baby food jar next time and cover the lid with fabric.  I didn't have any because Matt told me I needed to recycle the ones I was saving because they were taking up too much space in the garage.  I knew I should have hidden them better!  Sadness.  :(  You could also buy glass Mason jars like the woman did in the tutorial where I originally found the idea.

I poured enough sugar to fill about 3/4 of the container.  Then I filled the rest of it with the Dawn and stirred until it was thoroughly mixed.  I tested it out and it was really nice on my skin.  It reminded me of the expensive hand scrubs you buy from high-end cosmetic companies...but a whole lot cheaper!!  

I decorated the outside of the container with a ribbon, some buttons, and a few flowers.  I attached a small tag at the top explaining what it is and how to use it.  

If you're looking for a teacher gift (or a thrifty Christmas gift!), check these two out!


sportzmom said...

Such great ideas!

My 3 kids said...

You need to make some sugar scrub for your son...he loved mine. Vanilla scented was his favorite, I think. I was actually going to make him some for Christmas, then his birthday....but I knew if I waited long enough you would figure out how to make it :)