Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Heavy Heart

I've been trying to figure out how to start this post for quite a while.  My heart is heavy tonight.

I'm sad for dear little Avery and a too-short life.  She had a beautiful smile right up until the end.

I'm also hurting for our sweet RMH friend, Brooke.  I've posted about her battle with cancer before, and she is currently recovering from a major surgery to remove a tumor from her spinal column.  Her family just got some bad news that the doctors didn't get it all, which means she'll have to go through more radiation.  The doctors have also started having conversations about "quality of life" versus "quantity of life," which are conversations no mother should have to have about her child.  Brooke and her mom have been so hopeful and upbeat through this whole ordeal, but they are struggling to remain positive right now.

Please pray for both of these families....comfort for Avery's family, and hope for Brooke's.

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CLDykstra said...

Will be praying for both families, thanks for sharing Julie