Monday, May 14, 2012

Beach Adventures

Caleb had "Beach Day" on Tuesday for school.  We all headed to a local beach for some shark teeth hunting, sand castle building, and freezing cold water splashing!  Although it wasn't all that warm, I dressed Caleb in swim trunks and a swim shirt because I knew he'd get soaked. I was right!

I didn't take too many pictures because I was too busy playing with my boy, but I did snap a few when two horseshoe crabs washed up on the shore.

Yep, there are two...connected...

The kids thought it was the coolest (and grossest) thing in the world.  They didn't even realize there were two.

There were also three copperheads right near the little footbridge.  Someone called animal control, who proceeded to prod the snakes and make them mad.  Smooth.

When we were leaving, the "professionals" were watching the snakes.  I asked what they were going to do with them, and they said they didn't know, but they didn't want to kill them.  I asked why not, and they said that they hadn't hurt anyone.  So...they have to hurt someone before you do something.  Right...

At any rate, we left unscathed and Caleb had a good time at the beach...until he had to walk back down the long path with shoes that suddenly hurt his feet.  He begged me the entire way to carry him--along with our 2 beach chairs, the cooler bag, a backpack, and a bag of sand toys.  Needless to say, it was a long walk back to the car!

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