Friday, May 11, 2012

Felt Board

Ready for another Pinterest-inspired activity?  Think Sunday School felt boards from your childhood.  So fun!  I have had my eye on this one for a while and made it just as soon as I bought some felt at Walmart!

I got one package of felt and let Caleb choose two colors to be used as backgrounds.

I glued the two pieces back to back and let it dry for a few minutes.

Then I simply began cutting pieces of felt into various shapes.  I chose to use plain, organic shapes like rectangles, squares, circles, and triangles.  The original tutorial used craft scissors, which turned out really cute too.  

I cut a small hole in the background, threaded a ribbon through the hole, and tied a few knots so that the ribbon would stay secure.  

Caleb has absolutely loved this!  This is a tree, the moon, and some sticks.  Since 
this picture was taken, he has become much more creative and prides himself in using every single piece of felt.  

The cool thing is that he can roll this up and save his creation for later.  We put all of the extra pieces in a Ziploc bag and rolled it up inside of the mat.

This was an easy craft that only took me about 20 minutes total to do.  The only cost was the package of felt, which cost maybe $3 and I still have a lot left over for future crafting.  It's a great take-along toy for the doctor's office, on vacation, etc.  

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