Monday, May 28, 2012

Clothes Pins Magnets

I give a lot of gifts to teachers, therapists, and our nurses.  I believe in the power of a thank you note and a little thinking of you every now and then.  As a teacher, I know how much it means to me when someone remembers the job I do.  Teachers (and therapists and nurses!) work super hard for not a lot of money, so I think it's important to say thank you...and often!!!!

Thank you, Ms. Nancy and Ms. Karen!!

Thank you, Ms. Katie and Ms. Amy!! 

For an end of the year gift for Caleb's teachers, I made each teacher a set of clothes pins magnets.  I originally heard the idea when we made them at MOPS, but I decided to keep the ones I made!  :)  

Most of these were made with craft supplies I already had.  I did buy some ribbon so that they looked more like a set.  

The cool thing with these is that Caleb was able to help with them.  He picked out the ribbon color and the flowers for each one, although I did veto a few that just didn't quite match!  I'm not quite ready for him to use the glue gun yet, but he did pretty much everything else.

I really like the sunflower!  That was completely Caleb's idea!

Yes, I am quite aware of how terrible these pictures are.  Sorry!  These are the packages with the magnets clipped to a note that says "Here's ho'pin' you have a great summer!"  I also included a gift card.  :)

Another fun, crafty gift idea!

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