Sunday, May 6, 2012


The other day, Caleb was at my sister's house.  He had registered for kindergarten the day before, so Amy asked how it went.

C:  Fine.  Everybody knows me there.
A:  Yes, that's because your Mommy worked there.  So you have to be on your best behavior because they'll tell your Mommy if you misbehave.
C:  No, no they won't.
A:  Yes, they will.  So be on your best behavior.  You should always be on your best behavior.
C:  Yes, especially before meteor showers.

After clearing off his plate in the trash can:
C:  Awwww man!!  I threw away my last crouton!
M:  Oh, sorry buddy.
C:  Man, I wanted to eat that one!  It was shaped like a shoe!!

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