Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Not only did Abby decide that she'd walk across multiple rooms today by herself during therapy, but she also carried something and made it through some obstacles.  WOW.  This girl is amazing and stubborn!!!

I didn't cry until Caleb came down and I surprised him with her walking.  The excitement on his face was priceless and he gave her the biggest hug ever.  It was so darn cute!!!

Go Abs!  There is NO stopping you now!!


Debbie said...

Praise be - The Abster was just suffering from idle-displasia and to prove so, she is now showing mommy, daddy, and big brother that she could prove that point as well as prove that Dr. S's professional opinion is indeed correct!! Thank the Good One above for continued blessings for each and everyone of you. :)

Erin said...

She just needed to hear the doctor yesterday say it was okay! Go Abby!

Nina said...

The best part of Abby walking is the hugs she gives after she walks to me!!! She also now says "Nina" (I was so named this by Owen when he was little). She changes day by day and is vocalizing so much now. God is good!!!

RicKim said...

"YAY!" says Ella (and the rest of us)! We love you Abby Joy!!