Friday, May 25, 2012

Medical Update

Next Thursday, the 31st, Abby will be having a bronchoscopy.  This is where the ENT takes a look down her airway to see how it's growing and look for any scar tissue, granulation, etc.  We're hoping for good results.

In other, but related, news, Abby had another ear infection last week.  Ugh.  This is #8 since tubes, if you're counting.  Thankfully, we were already going to ENT the very next day after her ears started bleeding, and he confirmed the double infection.  NOTE:  this is after TWO MONTHS of heavy-duty ear drops, that we had just finished 4 days before.  The ENT swore that these ear drops would kill everything once and for all.  Hmmm...

So, back on Ciprodex is Abby.  She is so tired of ear drops.  These drops will carry us until the bronchoscopy, where the ENT will also be taking a look in her ears.  He suspects that the tubes are misplaced or that there is granulation around them.  Unless the tubes look absolutely perfect, he is going to take them out and give the canals a little time to grow.  We were warned at our first consult that palate kids often have weird ear canals, and Abby's are even weirder than most, so the one-size-fits-most tubes that are put in may not work for her.  It doesn't appear that they are.  I'm actually kind of glad she had this last ear infection that pushed our ENT over the edge he'd been teetering on.  I'd been thinking for a while that something wasn't right, and it makes sense to check out her ears while she is already under anesthesia.

The bronch and tube removal will take about two hours.  Her surgery is scheduled for 1:30, which will give the OR lots of time to get overbooked and delayed.  I do oh-so-love hospital time.

Bonus:  the surgery will be in the brand-spankin' new children's hospital of JHH, and it is BEAUTIFUL!  We went in for the first time for Abby's swallow study, and it really is amazing.  Plus, peds ENT has its own maybe it won't be so overbooked after all!

I would certainly appreciate prayers, although this kind of thing is pretty run-of-a-mill for us.  We're hoping for a nice, clear scope of the airway with a report that it is GROWING and CLEAN, and that there is NOTHING that will get in the way of Abby's final vent weaning!!

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