Sunday, May 27, 2012

Abby's Words

Here's a running list of Abby's growing vocabulary!  The words with the stars are ones she uses in conversation.  (I love that I can really have a conversation with her now!!)  The others are words that she can repeat pretty well, but hasn't started to own yet.

Momma *
Daddy *
Bubba * (This is what she calls Caleb, for now)
ball *
no * (This sometimes comes out as "Nein," which is German for "no."  She's bilingual!) :)
cat *
bye-bye *
flower * (This one surprised me!  We were walking up the steps when she stopped and pointed to a flower arrangement on the cabinet below, and said "flower!" I had no idea she knew that word, but now she points to the arrangement and says it every time we walk upstairs!)
bubbles *
hi *
Nina * (what my mom goes by)
Paw Paw * (what my dad goes by)
Owen *
Abby *
night-night *
kitty * (as in Hello Kitty!)
pop (I haven't been able to figure out if she owns this or not--she says it when the bubbles are popping, but it's always after I have said it.)
yeah *
good job* (She cheers for herself when she does something she thinks is good--complete with clapping, squealing, and a hearty "good job!"  It doesn't really sound like the real phrase, but it's consistent and I know what she is saying.)

Aren't you proud of her?!?!  This girl is amazing.  AAAAAAAND, she has been eating consistently around 250 calories a day since I started counting calories!!!

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Debbie said...

Wow, great accomplishments. Congratulations to Daddy, Mommy, Big Bestest Brother Caleb and of course Abby - Together you make an incredible team!!