Friday, January 20, 2012

Lego Party: Favors

I'm a little slow in posting the Lego Party pictures, but I think I have a few excuses I could use.  At any rate, I wanted to share what I did for the party!  It will take a few posts, so stay with me.  I'll start with how I did the favors.

These are the goody bags I made.  I just bought solid colored gift bags and matched scrapbook paper to each bag.  Then I punched circles and attached them with the 3D foam tape so that the circles were raised.

I used the keychain (explained below) as a name tag on the outside.

These are Duplo blocks.  I put a round magnet on the back and...voila!  A magnet!  (note:  hot glue doesn't work so well...I ended up reglueing them with my apoxy because the magnets fell off.)

I made crayons using Lego man crayons.  Yes, I know this guy has lost half of his leg.  The others were already packaged and I didn't want to open one up just to get a picture.  I used a Lego mold to make the crayons.  Caleb put small pieces of crayon in each mold (you can do rainbow or solid colors), and then I put them in the oven at a low 175 degree setting until the crayons were totally melted (around 10 minutes).  I put the molds in the fridge to harden, but make sure they are completely hardened before you try pop them out.  THAT is by far the hardest part!!  I decapitated quite a few minifigures before I got the hang of it.  If you're making minifigure crayons, push from the middle and bottom first.   

I found Lego coloring books on Ebay, and figured that I could make them for a whole lot cheaper!

I believe I had 10 different coloring pages in it.  I just printed them off of in their printable downloads section.

These were my favorite favor!  I saw this idea on Etsy and knew that we could do this!  I got the key chain materials at an excellent Black Friday deal at Joanne's Fabric.  I paid about $2 total for 20 of these keychains, and they sell for $3 each on Etsy.  I think I need to start selling them!  :)  Matt drilled the holes--without any drama, I might add!--and I put a little loop in and then attached the keychain to it.  All it took was a drill and a pair of needle-nosed pliers.  EASY!

Last, but certainly not least, what's a Lego party without the Lego candy??

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Anonymous said...

You did a wonderful job. I was wondering where you found the gift bags.