Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Christmas Eve Service

Every year, our church has a Christmas Eve family service where the kids participate and do most of the service.  It's always lighthearted and entertaining, because you never quite know how it will all go!

This year, Caleb had his very first speaking part!  We worked hard at having him memorize it and we practiced it several times a day until he said his lines slowly and with lots of expression.  He was sooooo excited about it! 

Here's my "angel" getting ready to go on!  (We joked and said the horns were hidden!) :)

Abby enjoyed watching the kids and even learned a fun new noise that sounds a lot like a bodily function!  That's always great in the middle of a church service...especially in the middle of her daddy praying!

 Sadly, there was a bit of a mix-up and someone else ended up doing Caleb's speaking part for him.  I was really proud of how he held it together, because I was bracing myself for a meltdown.  He showed a lot of maturity that night!  Maybe next year, Caleb!

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