Sunday, January 29, 2012

Caption Contest Results

Congratulations to Jill W. for being the winner of our caption contest.  Matt loved her quote, "I don't always wear hats, but when I do, I'm sure to wear Hats for Hannah" for the pop culture and blog references.  (If you don't know the reference, it's a Dos Equis slogan.)

There were a lot of good ones though!  Here are a few honorable mentions:

I didnt want to put you in the backpack Caleb but you left me no choice! That will teach you to mess with where are those legos!!!!! ~Barbara O.

And just why do you think I should be excited about us going for a hike? ~Darryl S. (not rigged, I promise!)

I’m going to school with Caleb today whether you like it or not! ~Linda S.

Thanks to all who entered!  I promise I won't let as much time go by this time before the next caption contest.  :)

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