Friday, January 27, 2012

Lego Party: Games and Friends

For a long time, the kids just loved to play with the Legos!  I think they would have been perfectly happy if they had just played with the the entire time.

We played "Pin the Spot on the Lego."

Not everybody played this, but the ones who did loved it!  They had to pick up as many Legos as they could using only chopsticks (any way they could) in a minute. 

Happy birthday, Caleb!

The kids seemed to enjoy their cupcakes and other treats.

Caleb got a ton of Lego and Star Wars stuff, so he was one happy boy!

Caleb deemed this the best birthday ever.  I'm glad he had a good time, but I think maybe I should quit while I'm ahead!  :)

He's already planning his next birthday art party where kids paint different wooden and ceramic things with a painter's palate as the cake.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this was all his idea.  He does have a few of my planner genes...

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