Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Girl is a MESS!

I turn my back for ONE minute....

...and she's reorganizing the supply cabinet! 

It gave me a good excuse to go through it though, so we now have a much neater more organized cabinet.  Thanks Abby!

In other news:  I found a flavored tongue depressor while I was cleaning out, so I opened it and gave it to her.  To my surprise, she sucked on it!!  (This being the girl who doesn't put ANYTHING in her mouth!)  So then, I got one of the cold teethers from their freezer container, and low and behold, she sucked on that too! 

Dare I say we have turned an oral aversion corner???

1 comment:

MaryJo said...

Way to motivate Momma, Abby. And she's giving us a thumbs up to boot!!