Thursday, January 12, 2012

UMMC conference

Next Tuesday, I will be speaking at a UMMC conference on how to help families of children with life-limiting illnesses.  This conference is for medical professionals at UMMC, as well as students at UMB.  It's an all-day conference whose entire focus is pallative care for critically-ill children, so I'm excited to hear what some of the speakers have to say.  I love that UMMC finds pallative care important enough to devote an entire conference to it.  Unfortunately, pallative care often gets pushed to the side.

I will be part of a parent panel for a session entitled, “When It’s Your Child: Parent Reflections On Life-Limiting Pediatric Illness.”   There will be three of us on the panel representing a variety of medical needs. 

Will you please pray for me over the next week?  I am so excited about this opportunity, but a little nervous about the number of people that will be in the audience.  I'm not a public speaker (that may sound strange, since I'm a teacher...I'll talk to a group of 10 year olds all day long!  These are medical professionals who are way more intelligent than I am!!!), and this group will be much larger than the other groups I've spoken to thus far.  I'm looking forward to sharing our experiences--both good and "challenging"--and can't wait to tell of the miracles performed in Abby's life!!

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Anonymous said...

You have my prayers, but remember, these doctors are not more intelligent than you are. Intelligence refers only to your mental capacity and ability to learn. They are more knowledgable than you... But only in certain areas. You have a knowledge base they don't have and probably never will have- the things you have learned about having and loving a child with a disability.