Saturday, January 28, 2012

I Have a Dream...

My niece's kindergarten class discussed Martin Luther King right around his birthday and they wrote our their own "dreams."  Most kids dream that they will grow up and be firefighters, or that they will get the bike they've been wanting.  This little girl's dream was so kind and thoughtful--and she is so wise beyond her years!  She is so gentle and loving with Abby.

My sweet Sara's dream:

And the close up version, just in case you couldn't see it...

She dreams that her cousin Abby will walk.  Don't we all, Sara Bear! 

Wipe your eyes, now!  It's gonna happen!!

Abby and I had a discussion about this tonight and we both agreed that it will be happening very soon.  In fact, she has already started practicing letting go of me in an attempt to stand on her own.  It's not working quite yet, but it's progress!  :)


Anonymous said...

What a sweet cousin! I love that she had the details right down to the eye color and hair curls! :)
Jamie Trickle

My 3 kids said...

That's our sweet, sweet Sara! I can't wait to see her dream come true! I think it will be soon!