Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lego Party: Decorations and Food

For the plates, I got yellow square ones off of Oriental Trading with a Black Friday free shipping deal.  Woo hoo!  :)

I then made little Lego bumps (like on the Lego heads) for each one by cutting up a yellow plate and gluing the small square on the back of the plate. I finished up by drawing different faces on each plate, which entertained the kids to no end! 

These are the finished goody bags hanging up in the party room (which cost me only $25 and it was worth EVERY penny not to have it at my house!!)

I should have taken step-by-step pictures of the marshmallow pops, but I didn't.  I bought the extra large marshmallows and the pop sticks.  Then I dipped each marshmallow in yellow Wilton's chocolate drops.  I needed something for the little nub at the top that wouldn't bleed onto the rest of the head (like M&Ms do), so I cut off the top of a candy corn (the yellow part) and stuck it on top of the pop immediately after I dipped it in the chocolate.  I then drizzled a bit more chocolate over top so that it was all yellow and covered.  To keep the chocolate from hardening in a weird way laying on the plate, I stood them up in holes I poked in a tissue box.  It worked great!  When they were completely hardened and cold, I decorated each one with a different face and wrapped it. 

This Lego I used to display some of them was made out of a tissue box, which Matt sprayed with green spray paint.  I then punched green circles and attached them the same way I did the goody bags.

I had every intention of making a Lego cake.  But somewhere between the two hospital visits and the freezer breaking, I let go of that and just went for the brightly-colored cupcakes with corresponding Lego candy bricks.  And you know what?  I don't think the party was ruined because of it!

I displayed the rest of the Minifigure Pops in this container with tissue paper in the bottom (to help the pops have a sturdy surface.)  Then I filled the remaining space with Lego candy bricks.  I used it as a centerpiece.

I stopped doing a full meal last year when I was planning Caleb's 4th birthday party in the midst of a very stressful situation.  I figured that people would understand and be satisfied with cake.  And they were!  So...I have fully embraced the 2pm-4pm party and have never looked back!!  Serve cake, have a few snacky foods, ice down some drinks, and call it a day!  Since I didn't have to focus on making a bunch of food, I could focus a lot more on the fun of the party!!

The runner was a strip of bubble wrap that was spray painted green. 

Matt spray painted a few large boxes as well.  After a couple of coats, Matt cut down some cups and I hot glued them onto the boxes.  It really wasn't hard and made for cute decorations outside of the party room!

Caleb REALLY loved these boxes!  He was really excited about all of the handmade things we did for this party.  It was a lot of work, but well-worth it to see that boy's smile! 

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