Monday, January 23, 2012

Insurance Update

Unfortunately, the MD Insurance Commission isn't able to help us because it doesn't have jurisdiction over our policy.  It's a private policy owned by the school system.  We're now working with the MD state attorney's office and have filed a complaint with them.  The woman I've been in contact with seems to really know her stuff.  I hope she'll be able to help.

Right now, we are in a bit of a holding pattern because our appeal was sent to third party arbitration.  While I wish the appeal had just been met with a quick of course we'll approve your nursing, you sweet, hardworking people! kind of an answer, at least it wasn't a big red DENIED stamped on our file.  The state attorney's office has collected all of our information, but is waiting until we hear back from arbitration before they officially "begin" the case.  Arbitration could last up to a month....which will take us almost to our deadline.  Here's hoping it's done quickly and in our favor!

We're not going to give up.  The insurance company needs to realize how much danger Abby would be put in without a nighttime nurse.  I don't want to get a lawyer, but we will if we have to.  Here's hoping we don't have to.


Amy Morris said...

Hi! Not sure if you remember me or not? I am a nurse and work pediatric homehealth care. A few years ago my client's family hired an attorney and we went to court to fight for nursing hours. We won. We are in PA, but if you need any advice or just support, please let me know. I can have her Mom call you. God bless your family. Your daughter is beautiful. My email is

Anonymous said...

Won't your model waiver program cover the night nursing?