Wednesday, July 14, 2010


...Abigail Elizabeth Leach!

I had a sonogram today to check out my kidneys and make sure my stones aren't causing a blockage.  Turns out, they needed to check the baby to make sure it wasn't in distress.  Of course, I couldn't resist asking about the gender!!

She hid her face the whole time, peeking out every now and then but not long enough to get a clear picture.

Peace out, Momma!  I love this one.  :)

I think she might be sucking her thumb, but I couldn't tell for sure. 

Nope, not gonna let you see my face!  (The sonographer tried soooo hard and took 11 pictures!!)

AND, the girl parts!  The sonographer was pretty certain!

Because the scheduler originally told me that they couldn't do an OB sono and a kidney sono at the same time (turns out they can!), we actually have our OB sono on Monday.  Matt will be home for this one, so he'll get to see Abigail dancing around on the screen too!  They'll do all of the measurements then and we'll get more pictures, so hopefully she'll show her face more then!  I loved my sonographer and would love to have her again.  She was really sweet and so excited for me!  Needless to say, we are thrilled with our little girl.  <3

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