Thursday, July 1, 2010

Owen, My Hero!

Caleb has become quite brave in the pool in his puddle jumper.  He will jump off the side and swim just about anywhere on his own.  Tuesday, we were at Uncle Tom's pool for a little while after swim lessons, and he decided he wanted his swim ring instead.  I was adding a little extra air to it and made Caleb sit on the step.  Welp, the boy forgot he wasn't wearing his puddle jumper and jumped right on in! 

It was one of those surreal moments.  I could see his wide eyes, but the way I was holding the ring, I couldn't get out to get him. 

Thankfully, my quick-thinking nephew grabbed him and pulled him up.  Good job, Owen!!

Dare Devil, of course, just laughed and thought the whole thing was hysterical.

And this is exactly why I will never, ever, EVER go to the pool on my own with kids!

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