Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Party Details,

Alright, here's the recap of Caleb's party:

First, I have to tell you what we got Saturday morning--a 35 pound ride-on dinosaur that we lovingly named Hank. Hank was given to us by our neighbor (whose daughter I teach). Their kids got it for Christmas from a friend and they are way too old for it. They asked if we wanted it and we told them sure! It does all kinds of stuff: purr when you rub his chin, play several songs, eat, burp, etc. So fun! Little did we know that our son would be absolutely terrified of it! It sits in between the playroom and the living room, and Caleb actually walks around to the other entrance to the playroom to avoid going near it! At this point, the only thing we have succeeded in doing is getting Caleb to sit on it while it was off. At least we didn't pay anything for it!

Okay, back to the party! We had lots of friends and family here (around 25 people total) and everybody seemed to enjoy the food. The PBJ sandwiches were a big hit with the kids and the adults!

After eating, we went downstairs to play the construction game. The kids took turns building up towers and knocking them down. Caleb's favorite part was knocking the towers down as quickly as the other kids could make them, so we had to hold him back. Isaac wasn't too crazy about building the towers, but he was more than willing to help knock them down with the excavator! We also tried having them see how high they could build the tower, and everybody got a piece of candy for their efforts. Chaotic? Oh yeah! Lots of fun, none the less!

After the game, we settled down a bit to open some presents. The highlights: a beautiful kid-sized Cracker Barrel rocking chair, Alvin and the Chipmunks movie, a hand-knit baseball hat, a Curious George DVD, lots of trucks, and several Color Wonder activity sets. He was especially excited about "The Chipmunks!!!" Caleb did well opening presents slowly and hugging each person, which I think is important. I'm not a fan of the present free-for-all.

When present time was over, we went upstairs to sing "Happy Birthday" and blow out the candles on his lovely bulldozer cake. Naturally, I cried through the song and everybody laughed at me. I'll still be crying when Caleb turns 20! We had two candles in the cake and Isaac decided he wanted to blow them out! He got to them before Caleb did (and before we could stop him), so we decided to relight them and reinact the candle blowing! Caleb did blow one out by himself, but Matt and I helped him with the second one.

We had lots of cake, cookies, candy, donuts...all of the extras from the cake! (oh, ice cream too!) People hung around for a while playing in the playroom on the dinosaur (while Caleb watched from a safe distance in case Hank decided to charge!), and we were cleaning up around 7:30. Good party!

Pictures will come whenever I get to Walmart to get them put on a disk. :)

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