Sunday, January 18, 2009

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

I haven't done this in a while, so I figured why not tonight when I have more time than normal?

* Wrapping presents: I seriously love it. It's pretty much a sickness. I love it so much, in fact, that I usually wrap the presents as soon as I buy them. Not that I'm a beautiful present-wrapper or anything---I am definitely not! I just really like wrapping presents...especially whole groups of them, like at Christmas time. Let's just say one Halloween I wrapped Christmas presents in between greeting trick-or-treaters...and this year, I was done wrapping before I said, it's a sickness!

* Hot chocolate: I thoroughly enjoy this. I will drink all kinds, but I really just love the traditional milk chocolate. It has to have marshmallows though--they are a must! Have you had the peppermint hot chocolate at Bob Evans yet? It's to die for!! I have now introduced Caleb to hot chocolate (thanks to this ridiculously cold weather we've been having) and I think he likes it almost as much as me. Matt won't drink it...he's unamerican, I tell you!

* Musical instruments for kids: seriously, nothing is more fun than playing in a "band" with Caleb! He loves to try to do the one-man-band and play multiple instruments at once, which is always entertaining! Now, he has the piano/microphone, which is even more fun than all of his other instruments. He has a TON: piano, drum, several recorders, moraccas (sp?), a handmade dried gourd rattle that has the seeds still inside (totally cool!!), several guitars, a saxaphone...and I'm sure I'm missing some! It is really just hours of entertainment! I'm really not one of those moms that can't stand the noise that loud toys make--which is probably why I tend to buy the loud toys for my nieces and nephews!! :) It really just doesn't bother me. I would rather let Caleb bang away on a drum while I'm cooking dinner than have him trying to climb up my leg!

* The blower on our gas fireplace: This was supposed to be installed when the gas fireplace was put in. Long story short, we had an idiot for a sales girl who messed up just about everything, and we had a horrible experience overall. When I realized that she did not sell us the "total comfort kit," but rather just the remote control, I was so fed up with the whole process that I just said forget it. It was nearly April by the time the stove was put in (we ordered it in December...yeah...), and we didn't really use it at all until this season. When the cold set in, the heat from the stove itself just wasn't enough. I needed the blower!!! We ordered it and (of course) they ended up not coming out on the day they said they would. Thankfully, they did install it on last Wednesday, which was the coldest day of the year so far! Horray! I love it every bit as much as I thought I would, too. So do Becky and Caleb...Caleb asks for me to turn the fire on and Becky lies down right in front of it!

* Making necklaces: I've never considered myself crafty, so this just really makes me happy. I really just enjoy making them (all kinds: kids, VB, etc.) and love when others like them too. The only problem is that my OCD gets in the way a little bit and I tend to neglect everything else (laundry, house, grading...Matt...) when I start making them. Don't worry--I don't do anything with them when Caleb is awake! He's the one thing I can't/won't neglect! :)

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Larissa said...

I think I still have a hemp necklace you made me at wabanna! I think you are crafty!!