Thursday, March 19, 2009

Relay for Life

Relay is a fundraising event that is near and dear to my heart. My dad is a cancer survivor, and I lost my grandfather and my dear friend to cancer. Currently, I have an aunt and a friend who are battling cancer. I seriously think that it is a disease that has touched everyone in some way.

I started Relaying four years ago the year that my friend Lisa died. Our school bonded together in our grief and decided to honor her memory by putting a team together. Relay really is an amazing time to remember those you lost to cancer, honor their lives, and celebrate the survivors. Every year, I have the opportunity to remember how much Lisa and I bonded when we were both new teachers. I can think back on all of the ways that my Pop made me laugh (or fume!) through the years. It's just an amazing time of reflection...and a lot of fun too!

This year, RFL will be on June 19th-20th. While I have always been a part of my school team in the past, this year I am helping my dad with our church team, Grace-Full Footsteps, to raise money. Currently, our team has raised over $1,200. Since Relay is three months away, I think we're in pretty good shape!!

If you would like to join our team or consider donating to the American Cancer Society, please visit our team page here. We are also currently selling pasta from The Pasta Shoppe. My sister sold this for her Avon Walk fundraiser, so I know first hand that it is yummy!

Anyway, that's my heart. I love Relay, and I look forward to taking Caleb this year so that he can begin to learn what it's all about. The plan is to spend the night....we'll see how that all goes!! :)

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