Wednesday, March 4, 2009

There's a Cow in the Road!

Caleb loves his tractor that we have upstairs in our bedroom. We got it at our church silent auction last year, and it was literally the best $25 we've ever spent!

Anyway, he was riding it this weekend and all of the sudden, yells out, "There's a cow in the road!" I stopped doing my hair long enough to ask him what he was talking about, and he explained that there was a cow in the middle of the road and he couldn't get by. I (after laughing for a while) told him to honk the horn and ask the cow politely to move. He did, and the wayward cow allowed him to pass.

Well, this has gone on many, MANY times since then (remember, I was snowed in for two days too!), and that darned cow just keeps getting in the way! This morning, Caleb asked again, "What's that cow doing?" Apparently, the cow wondered into the middle of the road yet again. This time, I suggested that Caleb pick up the cow and put it in the tractor's trailer to keep it out of the way. wonderfully imaginative little boy gleefully walked over to the "cow," spread his arms as if he was picking up a large load, and even grunted a few times from the effort. Don't worry--he did manage to get the cow in the trailer!

Unfortunately, that silly cow keeps jumping out of the back of the trailer. He just doesn't realize that Farmer Caleb is trying to keep him out of the way!

I'll have to think of another suggestion for keeping that cow out of the road. If he doesn't get the hint soon, I fear for his life. Caleb is getting rather impatient and it's holding up his hauling! :)

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