Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Updates on the Room

Caleb's picture came yesterday, so I went to Michael's today to get a frame. I'm really happy with the result! They also sent me a wonderful picture of two giraffes as a little thank you, which matches Caleb's bathroom perfectly! I framed that and will hang it today as well.

I also got a simple plastic trashcan and a baseball decal to put on it. I bought some baseball ribbon and am going to make simple little tie-backs for the curtains using velcro, but I can't do it until Caleb wakes up from his nap.

Because the dresser we have is a little smaller than the other one, I am having a little trouble fitting everything in! What's more, our wonderful walk-in closet has a can't shut the door if there are clothes about a foot from the front of the closet! So...that rather limits the clothes we can put in there. I bought a 4-drawer plastic container to put in his room. That way, I can put some of his clothes in there. I already have a storage bin holder with underwear, socks, hats, etc. in the closet too.

So...that is where we are now. It is close to being done!

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