Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Birthday Thoughts...

So, sometimes this blog is to tell you guys what is going on in our lives...and sometimes it's to get my thoughts in order! I have been thinking about Caleb's birthday (yes, yes, I know he turns three in January...what can I say? I'm a planner!) and I wanted to get my ideas down.

It's going to be a carnival theme!

* moon bounce (my sister has one that we are going to borrow. That way, I don't lose money by canceling one I order because of snow.)

* ring toss

* ski ball

* bowling

* duck pond

* ball pit (I'm going to fill up the baby pool!)

The four real games will have prizes for each kid. These prizes will be in place of the goody bags. I'm considering doing rotations for these four games so that it will go quicker...we'll have a "game time" and someone managing each one. Then the kids just go to each game. The moon bounce and the ball pit would be outside, so half of the kids would go to one and half to the other. What do you think?


We're going to do some of the traditional carnival food. We're definitely going to do snow cones and popcorn, but I want there to be some healthier (or at least heartier) food too! I was thinking about doing fruit kabobs (totally stealing this idea from a RFL booth!), and we will probably do hotdogs with all the fixings. I can't think of anything else that matches the carnival theme, but I know we need more substantial food. Any suggestions?

I am also going to do some balloon animals, since I can and it is a fun addition that matches the theme.


We're going to do a balloon cake where each cupcake is an individual balloon (in various colors). The strings for the balloon will be Twizzler Pull-and-Peel pieces.

Party Favors:
Like I said, they will be the prizes for the game. I need four of them, but I'm not sure what to do. I was thinking that the duck that they pick will be one of the prizes (along with a piece of candy or something if there is a color on the bottom). Other than that....I'm not sure. I don't like useless junk that everybody throws away, and I don't want to give a bunch of candy. Any ideas on this that would match the theme? I was thinking a goldfish for the ring toss...but I have a feeling a bunch of parents would hate me! What about little packages of goldfish? Would that be cute? :)

Alright, I think I've talked it all out and asked for some advice. Please give me some!!!

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Keba said...

Whoa. I mean I knew you were a planner Julie, but this is over the top :-) Then again, without your help my wedding would probably have been a disaster, so I'll stop making fun of you!