Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hanging Out With Isaac and Ezra

Grammy and Pop came up this week to stay with Isaac and Ezra while their parents were in Maine. We hung out with them a lot: going to the zoo, playing in our pool, and watching Cars at the church. Caleb loved being with his cousins and grandparents! Here are some highlights of their visit:

We went to the zoo on Saturday (after I called to invite them over and then they asked if I wanted to go with to the zoo with them!) The zoo was really crowded and there was lots of construction going on, but it was still fun!

On Monday, Barbara came over with the boys for lunch and pool time. Isaac and Caleb had a great time playing in the pool and sprinkler, but Ezra wanted nothing to do with the water! He was quite content to sit in his chair and watch though.

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