Friday, July 3, 2009

Vacation Bible School

This week has been Vacation bible School, and we have been traveling back to Rome! This VBS curriculum is completely different than anything I've seen, because the kids dress up as Roman children, learn Latin, play Roman games (javelin, chariot races, etc.), do Roman crafts in a marketplace (making jewelry, baking bread, making paper, weaving, etc.), and even get to meet Paul and go to the catacombs! It's such a great experience for them because most of them have no prior knowledge.

I am a family leader this year. Last year I was in the market place teaching about herbs and spices, which I loved. They needed a few more family leaders this year, so I volunteered. I'm having a blast! My group is ridculously cute and sweet. When all of the other groups are running around acting like little hooligans, my wonderful group is just sitting and talking together quietly. They love to hold hands with me, which I love. They even fight to grab my hands first! They're just great.

Tonight is our last night, and I have thoroughly enjoyed it...even all of the rain we've had! :)

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Mike Craton said...

that sounds so awesome!