Saturday, July 4, 2009

Caleb's Room

After much searching and deliberating, I have finally found some TOTALLY cute baseball decorations for Caleb's room. My plan is to have his room done while Matt is at Momentum. He has promised to take the bed out and put it away before he leaves so that the room will be ready for me to work in!

Here are the items I have bought:

Baseball Pillowcase: Barbara is going to be making Caleb a baseball quilt, but I got this pillowcase because the color scheme we are using for the quilt matches this print. I like it and I think it's okay that it won't necessarily be the same fabric. I don't want the quilt to be overly "baseballish," so I'm pulling it out a bit here.

A Door Hanger: I will either hang this on the door knob or put it on a nail on the door...haven't decided yet. Of course, the name on it won't be Jackson... :)

Glove/Ball Photograph: I absolutely LOVE this photograph! Can you believe it was taken by a 9 year old boy??? This will be an 8 x 10, and I am going to get a frame for it. My goal with Caleb's room is to make it not so "kiddish" that he gets tired of it at age 5, so I think this photo gives it an older feel.

A Personalized Batter Decal: This is going to go on the wall right over his bed. It will be in navy blue (with Caleb's name, of course) and the number 8 for Cal Ripken! I found another decal of a batter that was bigger and sort of transparent, but we liked this one better because it was personalized and I could change the colors. The transparent idea would be cool if we had color on the walls, but we are leaving them the way they are and adding color with the decorations.

So...that is what I have ordered so far! I need to get some navy blue curtains, but I plan to take a trip to Penney's one day while Matt is gone so that I can see them in person. I know that I definitely need black out curtains that go the length of the window! That room gets sooooo bright, and our early riser certainly doesn't need to be waking up any earlier! I'm going to go with a solid navy blue for the curtains--red is a little too bright for me.

PS: Happy 4th of July!! We're off to my aunt and uncle's house in a little while for the annual Independence Day Bash. I'm hoping that maybe there are fireworks somewhere that we can go see! Most of them were last night, and we had VBS.

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Anonymous said...

If you like black and white pics. My parents actually have some pics of my grandfather in his baseball uniform from teh 40's one of him sitting with a friend on the grass with bat and ball and I think one of the team. We have actually talked about decorating with them in a sports room but no boys here!