Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Room Updates

For all of you who have been as excited about Caleb's new room as I am (okay, "all" is a stretch...) I am happy to provide updates.

A few nights ago, we put the baseball decal up on the wall. It is over top of his bed and looks AMAZING! I am very happy with the quality...and how well we put it up!

We went to the mall today and got tab top curtains at Penney's in navy blue for a stellar price. I was very excited about how inexpensive they were. (FYI: Macy's doesn't carry curtains--who knew??)

At Babies R Us, I was able to get two crib sheets (Caleb's toddler bed uses the crib mattress, so twin-sized sheets don't fit) in RED and NAVY BLUE! I was very excited to find both of those the same store...on clearance! Wahooooo!!

I stopped by Target to see if they happened to have any of their baseball line in the store. They didn't have the tie-backs, but I was able to grab a baseball beanbag seat! The two they had on the shelf were filthy, but a nice employee found another one in the back that was clean. (Yes, I would have definitely asked for a discount if those had been the only two. That should have been a given!!) :)

We moved Caleb's bed into the room today, so he is officially sleeping in there. His clothes are still in his other room, but I moved his toys over and a few other things. The clothes will be moved this week while Matt is away.

The pillowcase came the other day and is very cute. With all of the stuff that has been coming in the mail, Caleb has gotten in the habit of asking if anything in the mail is for his room. :)

After several pictures and many conversations, Barbara and I decided on the pattern for Caleb's baseball quilt. It is a log cabin style quilt (Don't I sound knowledgeable??? Just don't ask me how to measure the pieces...or cut them...or sew them...or add a backing...basically, I can just tell you the style!) I have a picture of it, but I can't load it on here for some reason. It may be a problem with Blogger, so I'll try again later. Anyway, I'm excited to see the final product!

I would be lying if I sad I wasn't rather sentimental about Caleb moving out of the nursery...yes, I cried! I am happy that he loves his room, though...and we'll just have to find another baby to move into the nursery!

Alright, I seriously need to go to bed. Tomorrow is a BIG is Matt's birthday, and he has an incredible surprise waiting for him!! Want to know what it is?? Just wait and see!! After church, we are going miniature golfing with Caleb for the first time. It is also Matt's first time doing a baptism tomorrow (actually, he's doing four!), so I really need to go to bed. I usually make Matt just shut the laptop, but he went to bed almost two hours ago!

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